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Dive deep into the study of religion in one of Huron’s unparalleled programs or modules in the Faculty of Theology. Students may further their pursuit of a deep understanding of religious literature, practices and people by attaining a degree at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Graduate Master’s levels.

Whether you seek an opportunity for critical study and research in Theology or Religious Studies, ministry skills for ordination and service, or personal enrichment, our programs can accommodate your need. Regardless which degree or module best suits your educational journey, Huron’s Faculty of Theology is inclusive and our professors are accomplished experts in their fields of study.


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    We are making some exciting changes to our MDiv and MTS programs that will equip you for transformative leadership wherever you are – with a new focus on ministry in context and options to make your theological education more accessible!

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    What can Theology offer you?

    Some of our alumni have pursued their religious calling through our Theology program, while other secular students have completed a Theology degree to sharpen their critical thinking, research and public speaking skills. Either way, Leaders with Heart who graduate from this program are well-equipped to create positive change across a wide variety of sectors – religious or not!

    Discover what our Theology alumni are up to now, and envision yourself following in their footsteps of personal and professional success.

    • With how close the community is here, emphasized by the smaller classrooms, it feels like we’re all here for the same goals. We’re all working together as a community for the best of each of us.
      Tianna Gocan
      Master of Divinity Student
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    • I owe everything to Huron because the school provided me with a leading environment for me to start again.
      Irfan Asghar
      Joint Master of Theological Studies (MTS) and Master of Arts (Theology) Graduate, PhD Candidate at McMaster University
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    • I did not know any other college or university in Ontario that offers a concentration in Islamic Studies, where my passion is, that specifically relates to both my profession in sign language and my spiritual growth.
      Rana Amr Adly Hamdy
      Rana Amr Adly Hamdy - Master of Arts (Theology) Student
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    • The Faculty is a citadel of excellence and Huron’s longstanding traditions set it apart. I would recommend Huron because of the quality of education it offers, the level of spiritual development it fosters, the excellent professors, and the school’s library − whose staff and resources help ensure students’ success.
      John Olufemi Adeyemi
      3rd Year student, MDiv
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    • You develop within classes that foster critical thinking; challenge you to ask complex questions; and learn how to understand the world in a more human way.
      Beth Koudys
      Honours BA, Master of Divinity ‘14
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    • I found my spark and pursued it at Huron, and the experience was phenomenal.
      Michael Bodkin
      Master of Arts (Theology) Graduate, PhD (Western University)
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    Welcome to Huron’s close-knit community of faith, compassion and innovative learning practices. Our faculty bring together their global perspectives to create enriching learning experiences for students of every denomination; those who haven’t yet found their faith; and students who aren’t interested in establishing a religious foundation, but are simply curious about the subject matter.

    No matter how unique your journey or purpose may be, our professors will help you develop the invaluable skills that the pursuit of a theological degree can endow you with. Prepare to be supported, challenged and engaged by people who have structured their lives around the teachings of theology and religion.

    • My passion is to help develop ministry leaders – from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience – who are growing spiritually, grounded in excellent academic training, and understand how to be contextually relevant.
      The Rev. Dawn Davis, DMin
      Assistant Professor of Contextual Learning and Director of Leadership for Ministry Programs
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    • I allow myself to feel the anger, sadness, despair over the things that humans are capable of doing in order to understand the phenomenon - in order to limit, to minimize, the things that cause the despair.
      Tracy Lemos, PhD
      Professor, Theology
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    • I aim to do constructive theology that draws on the Christian tradition while also intentionally engaging in interreligious dialogue, particularly around justice, ecology, and the arts.
      Brett Potter, PhD
      Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology
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    • It is sometimes said that ‘we never read the Bible alone’ because we are all influenced, whether we know or acknowledge it, by traditional ways of reading and patterns of interpretation. I always have this in mind in my research and teaching on the New Testament and other early Christian writings.
      Daniel A. Smith, PhD
      Dean of Theology
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    • My teaching aims to open students’ minds to new ways of thinking and seeing, and organizing and articulating their results. By bringing students into research and ideas the classroom becomes a very exciting place.
      Bill Acres, PhD, FRHistS
      Associate Professor, Church History and Comparative Religion
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    • My teaching goal is have students engage with a broad diversity of Islamic thought and practice in order to contextualize current events and to understand how Islam is a dynamic source of meaning for a large part of humanity in the past and today.
      Ingrid Mattson, PhD
      Professor, Islamic Studies; London and Windsor Community Chair in Islamic Studies
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    Theology Mission Statement & Mandate

    The mission of the Faculty of Theology is to provide theological education of the highest standards through its undergraduate, professional, and graduate degree programs, and through its non-degree and continuing education programs.

    All academic programs in the Faculty of Theology form and empower leaders to serve faith communities, the university, and society in Canada and abroad by preparing them to be resourceful, adaptable, compassionate, informed, imaginative, and generous people. 

    Building on these foundations, each program in the Faculty of Theology has distinct purposes and desired outcomes:

    Huron’s Bachelor of Arts Major/Minor in Religion & Theology promotes educational excellence in contemporary religious and theological issues while complementing Huron’s programs in the Faculty of Arts & Social Science.

    Huron’s Master of Theological Studies program provides post-baccalaureate professional education to people of diverse faith traditions, preparing them for positions of leadership, chaplaincy, and responsibility in society.

    Huron’s Master of Divinity program fosters a knowledge and love of God, personal, spiritual, and vocational development, and the competencies needed for faithful and creative leadership in the churches of the Anglican Communion, churches of other denominations, and in a variety of parachurch settings.

    Huron’s Master of Arts (Theology), as a program located in Western’s School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, is dedicated to excellence in graduate education, providing advanced knowledge in theology and related fields, fostering intellectual curiosity, and enabling research to the benefit of society.


    • 2019 Fall Faculty Lecture

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    • 2022 Annual Fall Faculty Lecture in the Faculty of Theology

      Dr. Tracy Lemos, Leviticus as Healing: Dehumanization & Rehumanization after Exile

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