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Welcome Class of 2025!

We are excited to officially welcome you into our Huron community where we will empower you to become a fellow Leader with Heart. We are excited to celebrate with you with a safe program on campus.

  • Huron's Full 2021 OWeek Schedule

    An unforgettable orientation experience is coming this September. We hope you’re as excited as we are about making connections and memories that will last a lifetime.
  • International Welcome Week Schedule

What is OWeek?

Orientation Week is an annual welcome event hosted for incoming first-year students in September. The purpose of Huron’s Orientation Program is to make incoming students’ transitions into university life easier, more fun and less scary.

By collaborating with all levels of our university, we aim to set up our students for success. Before classes begin, you will meet fellow students in your program, upper-year mentors (Sophs) and key members of our Huron community who will help shape the best parts of your living and learning experiences. This week is your chance to get to know our faculty members and our incredible staff who will provide 1:1 personalized support from the beginning of your university career to your graduation.

The Orientation Program is a joint effort between several stakeholders on campus including: Huron University, Huron Students’ Council (HUCSC), Western University, Kings University College and Brescia University College.

Your transition into this new stage of your life does not end after OWeek, and Huron is committed to providing support to each and every one of our students throughout the year. After OWeek, we have Huron Week, Clubs Week and many more initiatives that will support you to have the best-possible academic, extracurricular and community engagement experiences possible. Along the way, you will never have to walk alone as our faculty, staff and administration will always advocate for and prioritize your best interests.

If you have questions about Huron’s Orientation Program, please reach out to our Student Engagement Coordinator at

What is a Soph?

Sophs are upper-year student volunteers who are your mentors and OWeek spirit leaders. They’re the friendly faces of Huron’s Orientation Program and your guides throughout your first year at our university. Our Sophs are well-trained volunteers who are knowledgeable about our campus and resources. Most importantly, they are true Leaders with Heart who are personally invested in helping you to enjoy all aspects of Huron as much as they did.

Second Year Welcome (Back) Program

Last year, we did our best to welcome the Class of 2024 to our community virtually. But, we recognize many of our second-year students are coming to campus this Fall having never visited, attended a class in-person or connected with peers face-to-face.

That’s why we’re excited to host the Second Year Welcome (Back) Program for all second-year students.

Through this program, you will have access to fun events that will introduce you to your peers, show you around campus and provide you access to the resource you’ll need for the 2021/22 school year. This program will be running on September 1-3, in-person, on campus and is of no cost to students.

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Land Acknowledgment

We would like to acknowledge the history of the traditional territory in which Huron University College operates. We would also like to respect the longstanding relationships of the three local First Nations groups of this land and place in Southwestern Ontario. The three First Nations communities closest in proximity to Huron University College are:

Chippewa of the Thames First Nation (part of the Anishinaabe)
Oneida Nation of the Thames (part of the Haudenosaunee)
Munsee-Delaware Nation (part of the Leni-Lunaape)

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