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Support the Heart of Huron in a big way.

There are several opportunities to make a significant contribution to the Heart of Huron by naming one of the spaces that will directly benefit our students and community-at-large. Take advantage of the chance to show London – and the world – that you are fully invested in empowering young people to lead our world forward – with great minds and great hearts.

We look forward to exploring these special naming opportunities with you and celebrating your generosity in ways that are meaningful to your legacy of giving.

Find our contact information below, and we look forward to speaking.

Name our new building, within the heart of campus, located on Western Road.

Heart of Huron

Help build a space that fosters student independence, responsibility and participation in campus life. Name our Student Activity Centre

Heart of Huron

Name our new Welcome Centre: don't just imagine a better future, build it.

Welcome Centre

Put performance and civic engagement at the Heart of Huron: Name our performance theatre

Heart of Huron

Key Contacts