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Huron’s Faculty of Theology offers the MA (Theology) for students interested in pursuing a graduate Master’s degree with an emphasis on the integration of theological vision and the theological disciplines. You may also be interested in the Faculty of Theology’s undergraduate formational and academic degrees (MDiv and MTS), as well as a wide variety of continuing education, non-credit, and diploma offerings, such as the Licentiate in Theology.

Licentiate in Theology (LTh) Diploma
Our Licentiate in Theology Partnerships with Sister Theological Colleges
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Lectures & Non-Credit Courses & DLM
University-Level Theology Courses

Deepen your knowledge of faith with each course your complete in this pre-degree diploma program. Courses in the LTh program are also available individually to lay people and clergy, outside the LTh stream.

By entering into agreements with other theological educational institutions, Huron has ensured that students across Canada, and across denominational traditions, will have a full range of course options. This is a pre-degree diploma program intended for those who take seriously a call to Ministry while recognizing that “Ministry” is manifested in many diverse yet equal ways.  For example, the LTh may be:

  • for your personal development,
  • to deepen your knowledge for discipleship, or
  • for those contemplating Ordained Ministry, or
  • for those preparing for Diaconal Ministry, or
  • for those already engaged in Ministry who are seeking to complement their education.

Course Requirements:

A total of 16 courses, with an overall average of 65%, will be needed for successful completion of the LTh. The courses will usually run for 6 weeks at 2-3 contact hours per week; however, on-line and intensive courses will also be offered.

Of the 16 courses, you will need to complete: 

  • 2 in the core area of Theological Studies
  • 2 in the core area of Sacred Texts
  • 2 in the core area of History of Religion
  • 10 Electives

Admission Requirement:   Applicants must hold a secondary school graduation diploma or equivalent.

Transfer Credit Policy: for information on transferring credits from other theological schools into Huron’s LTh program, refer to our LTh Transfer Credit Policy.



Winter/Spring Term 2024:

Anglican Controversies, Past and Present with Fr. Daniel Graves

See Syllabus Here


Voices in the Wilderness: A Historical and Theological Dialogue with Irene Moore Davis, Rev. Steve Greene, Br. Reginald Crenshaw, Rev. Michael Blair, and Rev. Wilson Akinwale.

See Syllabus Here


Huron’s Licentiate in Theology Program offers these three, one-day, courses, especially designed to train and equip new church leaders in the roles of warden, treasurer and parish administrator. Students completing all three courses will receive a Certificate in Parish Administration and Leadership.

Courses will be hosted via Zoom:

March 16th, Parish Administration 101 with The Ven. Tanya Phibbs

April 20th, Congregational Growth and Evangelism with The Rev. Canon Dr. Grayhame Bowcott

May 11th, Spiritual Leadership with The Rev. Canon Dr. Dawn Davis


Presiding for the People of God with Bishop William Cliff.

See Syllabus Here


Preaching the Parables of Jesus with Dr. Daniel Smith and the Rev. Dr. Jeff Crittenden

See Syllabus Here



Fall Term 2023


See Syllabus Here



See Syllabus Here



See Syllabus Here



See Syllabus Here



Join our new Council of the North Theology Cohort!

The Council of The North

Registration for Council of the North students is free of charge (both for credit and audit options). To register as a Council of the North Cohort student in an upcoming course, please contact The Rev’d Cheryl Kukurudz at: or by calling (204) 727-2380.

Registration rates for single student enrolment in our Licentiate courses is $325. Students can also opt to audit an LTh course for $150. To register, please select the “Register” button on this page that corresponds to the course poster that you are interested in exploring.

For questions or to register, please contact Dr. Grayhame Bowcott at or call: (519) 438-7224 Ext. 832

Huron University College is proud to have long-established relationships with sister theological schools in Ontario, including Canterbury College at the University of Windsor, Ontario and Renison College at the university of Waterloo, Ontario.

Huron’s Licentiate in Theology Program has entered into an agreement which each of these sister institutions to offer courses that are approved by Huron’s Faculty of Theology Committee and accept as full credit courses in our LTh Program.

In the Fall Term of 2022, the following two courses at Renison College are being offered (in-person and virtually):

  • Christian Friendship: Theology & Practice with The Rev. Dr. Preston Parsons, hosted on Mondays from 7-9 p.m. (ET), starting Sept. 19th.

  • The Spirituality of Music with The Rev. Scott McLeod hosted on Wednesdays from 6-8 p.m. (ET), starting September 21st.

To Register for these courses, please visit:


In the Fall Term of 2022, the following course at Canterbury College is being offered (in-person):

  • Basic Life Issues in Our Changing World with Dr. Norman King, hosted on Mondays from 6-9 p.m. (ET), starting September 14th. To Register for this course, please contact: (519) 980-9853 or email:

The Rev. Canon Dr. Grayhame Bowcott, or “Gray” as he is known by his students, serves in a cross appointment as a parish priest in the Diocese of Huron and as our Program Director for Huron University College’s Licentiate in Theology Program. He also has been appointed by the Bishop of Huron as a Canon Catechist (or Teacher) in support of lay leaders and clergy throughout the congregations in the Diocese of Huron. Gray is passionate about enabling vocational leaders in the local church and helping students to access theological education, even in remote areas. This focus has inspired him to seek out new relationships between students, lay leaders, bishops, dioceses and other theological institutions in order to shape the network of courses that the Licentiate Program has blossomed into. Gray is always willing to take a call to answer questions or to explore ministry possibilities with his students. If you are discerning your own vocational call and are considering theological education, don’t hesitate to connect with Gray – it may be the first step on your journey of learning.


Holy Cross Lecture
Orr Lecture
Jain Lecture
Designated Lay Ministers Courses (UCC)

19th Annual Holy Cross Lecture
September 2020, TBA

49th Annual R. T Orr Lecture
Fall 2020, TBA

About the R. T Orr Lecture Series
Since November 25, 1970, the R. T Orr Public Lecture series has been held each year in memory of Mr. Robinson T Orr, the son of a prominent London and London Township family of five generations, a successful businessman, an active layman in the Anglican Church, a staunch supporter of Huron University College, and a man of outstanding qualities.  Mr. Orr was a Lifetime Honorary Member of Huron’s Corporation.

Through the R. T Orr Lecture, supported out of the legacy left to Huron by Mr. Orr, it has been possible for the College to bring to London scholars of international reputation and outstanding theological educators.  Some past lecturers have been Premier Clyde K. Wells, Walter Wink, Michael Coogan, Adela Yarbro Collins, E. P. Sanders, John Dominic Crossan,Walter Brueggemann, and N.T. Wright.

Past Orr Lectures:
45th R. T Orr Lecture, November 2, 2016
A Spiritually-Infused Universe
Pushing Back on Deism & Flirting with Superstition
by the Very Rev. Ian Markham, PhD

44th R. T Orr Lecture, November 25, 2015
​​The Challenge of Pauline Theology
by Rt. Rev. Dr. N.T. Wright
Research Professor of New Testament & Early Christianity, University of St. Andrews
(watch online on Youtube)

43rd R. T Orr Lecture, October 25, 2014
“Fidelity in a Culture of Certitude”
Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann
Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA
(watch online on Youtube)

Designated Lay Ministers (DLM) Courses for UCC

The following courses are offered to those working toward DLM status in the United Church of Canada in a distance/online format.  The instructor is Rev. Dr. Bradley Morrison.  Details and applications are below (under construction):

United Church History Studies
Hebrew Bible & United Church Ministry
New Testament & United Church Ministry
United Church Polity Studies
Theological Studies and United Church Ministry

Come back to Huron and take a course for credit (or audit, with permission of Instructor & Dean)! Those with a prior university degree may register for one of our current theology courses as a Special Student.

Consider the graduate-level MA in Theology to enrich your current knowledge and your work in Theology.  Those working 10 or more hours per week apply as part-time students and finish the degree in three years.  Full-time students complete in two.


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