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New Courses for 2024-2025

The Management and Organizational Studies department is happy to share that we have developed some new courses that will be available for the 2024-2025 academic year.

As technology, business practices and government policies continue to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, we strive to make sure our students have access to updated and relevant courses that reflect the working environment they will soon be entering.

We believe that a successful education is one that evolves alongside changing societal and market forces, and we are confident these new course offerings will provide tangible benefits to Huron students for years to come.

 The list below provides highlights of the new courses. For more details about these courses, and for a full list of all BMOS courses, please click here.


MOS 2222B – Islam in the Workplace. This course aims to equip students with an understanding of Islam to foster an inclusive and respectful work environment. Topics covered include common misconceptions, dress considerations, dietary rules, finance, prayer times, fasting and ethics. Through critical analysis, case studies, and discussions, students will develop strategies for accommodating religious diversity in the workplace.

MOS 3398 (Selected Topics) – Organizational Innovation.  Organizations in the social sector are facing complex challenges and are searching for powerful new methodologies to understand and address them.  Organizational Innovation looks to strengthen organizations through innovation and design.  In this course students will identify, understand, and reframe significant challenges facing organizations to shake up even the most entrenched organizational practices and bureaucracies.  By looking at use cases from Canada, USA, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom we will explore how innovation and design reduces risk, manages change, increase resource effectiveness, and manages competing organizational demands.

MOS 3398B – Special Topics, Private Equity – instructor Prof. Jeff White. This is a new course being offered this year for the first time. The primary objective of the course is to improve students’ ability to understand the concepts and institutions involved in private equity. The course will provide students with skill sets so they can analyze and understand private equity opportunities from multiple perspectives. The course will be applied in nature and focus on specific cases. Cases will be the main teaching tool, with lectures and guest speakers to provide economic fundamentals and institutional context.

MOS 4490B – Digital Transformation and Sustainability. The purpose of this course is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to understand, implement, and manage digital innovations such as AI, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) within the context of sustainability. This course highlights the role of digital transformation in promoting sustainable practices and outcomes.

MOS 4511G – Advances in Sustainability and Consumer Behaviour. In this new seminar-style course, students will review and discuss cutting-edge behavioural science research on the factors that lead people to invest their personal and financial resources toward a more sustainable future. Topics will include but are not limited to choosing sustainable products, branding and sustainability, resource conservation, changes in habits and lifestyles, sustainability labeling, persuasion, reactions to product transformations, marketing social causes, and civic engagement. The articles in this course explore sustainable consumer behaviour in a variety of industries such as fashion, technology, health, food service, public policies, financial investments, and public policies. This course, therefore, will be relevant to a variety of fields and organizations in the public and private sectors that seek progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.