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New Courses for 2023-2024

The Management and Organizational Studies department is happy to share that we have developed 9 new courses that will be available for the 2023-2024 academic year. As technology, business practices and government policies continue to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, we strive to make sure our students have access to updated and relevant courses that reflect the working environment they will soon be entering. We believe that a successful education is one that evolves alongside changing societal and market forces, and we are confident these new course offerings will provide tangible benefits to Huron students for years to come. The list below provides highlights of the 9 new courses. For more details about these courses, and for a full list of all BMOS courses, please click here.


MOS 2185A – Leadership in Animal Welfare.  This course examines pressing animal welfare and ecological challenges and builds the analytical, strategic, and leadership skills required to respond to or prevent these issues in private, public, and nonprofit organizations.

MOS 2250B – Indigenous Entrepreneurship.  This 2000-level survey course will explore the foundations of entrepreneurship with a focus on Indigenous business development. Special consideration will be given to the unique context, resources and considerations for Indigenous entrepreneurs and non-Indigenous entrepreneurs looking to partner with Indigenous businesses, people, and communities on business ventures.

MOS 2255F – Entrepreneurial Thinking.  This course provides a broad overview of the principles, theories, and praxis of entrepreneurship, together with an understanding of the key tasks, skills, and attitudes required. It focuses on the “Effectuation” logic that serves entrepreneurs in the processes of opportunity identification and new venture creation based on existing resources.

MOS 2265F – Professional Communications. Increasingly, employers explicitly require graduates who demonstrate competencies in research and written and spoken communication and are able to communicate convincingly using not just general communication principles but also disciplinary conventions. Topics include principles of rhetoric, effective research practices for business, designing and delivering professional presentations, and genre-specific writing.

MOS 2298B Special Topics – Islam in the Workplace. This course aims to equip students with an understanding of Islam to foster an inclusive and respectful work environment. Topics covered include common misconceptions, dress code considerations, dietary rules, finance, prayer times, fasting and ethics. Through critical analysis, case studies, and discussions, students will develop strategies for accommodating religious diversity in the workplace.

MOS 3365B – Management Information Systems.  The purpose of this course is to examine the major technological, organizational, behavioural, and ethical issues facing today’s information systems in rapidly changing environments. Students will have an advanced level of understanding about IT strategy formulation and its alignment with organizational strategy.

MOS 4315B – Investing Strategies and Behavioral Finance.  This course provides an introduction to two competing paradigms for investors–value investing and behavioral finance. Motivated by financial theory, the course offers practical applications for active investors.

MOS 4317A – Capital Markets.  This course examines the form and function of financial markets and how financial managers use markets to accomplish strategic corporate objectives. Focus is placed on the behavior of major financial institutions, their role in the intermediation process as suppliers of funds, the form and function of specific capital markets.

MOS 4481G – Organizational Studies in Women’s Leadership.  An advanced and in-depth examination of the theory and practice of leadership with a focus on women. Students will develop their analytical abilities and own leadership skills, and deepen their understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion in organizations.

MOS 4486B – Business Approaches for Emerging 21st Century Issues. This course addresses a business environment that continues to witness radical changes due to rapid development in transportation and communication networks, innovations giving rise to new knowledge, globalization of business, multi-cultured professional ranks, and career aspirations. Therefore, managers must be able to adjust to these and other new, emerging challenges.

MOS 4498A – Strategic Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation. This course combines Accounting (financial statement analysis) and Strategy (past and future ) to determine if the company has a Sustainable Competitive Advantage and Finance (business valuation). The course will include an assignment to fully evaluate a company from a strategic standpoint , followed by a valuation of the company using various models. The final assignment culminates in a report and presentation determining whether to Buy / Sell / Hold shares in this company.

MOS 4498B: Advances in Sustainability and Consumer Behaviour. In this new seminar-style course, students will review and discuss cutting-edge behavioural science articles on the factors that lead people to invest their personal and financial resources toward a more sustainable future. Topics will include but are not limited to choosing sustainable products, branding and sustainability, resource conservation, changes in habits and lifestyles, marketing social causes, and civic engagement. This course, therefore, will be relevant to a variety of fields and organizations in the public and private sector that seek progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This course is meant to build off the insights students have gained from earlier module courses, particularly Consumer Behaviour (MOS 3321), Marketing Research (MOS 3420) and Sustainability Marketing (MOS 3423). Pre-requisite: Enrolment in 4th year of BMOS or permission of the instructor. Additional Pre-requisites or Co-requisites: enrolment in at least two of Consumer Behaviour (MOS 3321), Marketing Research (MOS 3420) or Sustainability Marketing (MOS 3423).