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New Courses for 2022-2023

The Management and Organizational Studies department is happy to share that we have developed 13 new courses that will be available for the 2022-2023 academic year. As technology, business practices and government policies continue to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, we strive to make sure our students have access to updated and relevant courses that reflect the working environment they will soon be entering. We believe that a successful education is one that evolves alongside changing societal and market forces, and we are confident these new course offerings will provide tangible benefits to Huron students for years to come. The list below provides highlights of the 13 new courses. For more details about these courses, and for a full list of all BMOS courses, please click here.


Course CodeCourse nameSummary
2227AIntroduction to financial accountingIntroduction to Financial Accounting – This course is an integrated introduction to accounting principles and practices. It is designed to help students begin to understand accounting information, along with its uses and limitations. This course is to provide students with an integrated framework for preparing, analyzing, and interpreting the financial statements. This course combined with MOS 2228 is an alternative to Business 2257 for MOS Students.
2228BIntroduction to managerial accounting Introduction to Management Accounting – Students will examine how accounting information is used within organizations to plan, monitor and control. The purpose of this course is to ensure students have a basic understanding of how such management accounting systems and controls operate, the language they use and their limitations. This course combined with MOS 2227 is an alternative to Business 2257 for MOS Students.
2235BBusiness intelligenceThis course is heavily based on hands-on activities, providing you with practice implementing data analytic techniques and using tools for business intelligence. The focus is on techniques and tools that can be used be used by individuals in an organization to gain insight into complex business problems. The techniques that will be used are extended data analysis and data visualization. These analytics techniques will be supported with applications such as MS Excel, Power BI and Tableau.
2298AIndigenous EntrepreneurshipThis 200-level survey course will explore the foundations of entrepreneurship with a focus on Indigenous business development. Special consideration will be given to the unique context, resources and considerations for Indigenous entrepreneurs and non-Indigenous entrepreneurs looking to partner with Indigenous businesses, people, and communities on business ventures. Students who take this course will benefit from the following learning outcomes:

•       Understanding the impacts of settler-colonialism on Indigenous community economic development, including economic leakage, and the importance of Indigenous entrepreneurship to Indigenous economic development and sovereignty;
•       Identifying the fundamentals for business planning and the resources available for Indigenous entrepreneurs to complete a plan;
•       Gaining knowledge on how to build a business structure and systems that are legally compliant and efficient, including legal, accounting, and human resources; and
•       Learning how to finance a business, including raising capital for business start-up and scale-up, utilizing Indigenous procurement programs, and marketing.

3250BStarting a Business or Social EnterpriseIn this course students will use a business model canvas (BMC) to develop a new business or social enterprise; develop and test assumptions about their BMC as well as determine the feasibility, desirability, and viability of a BMC using an interactive customer discovery process. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their knowledge of entrepreneurship, as well as their values and their ability to work with others. This is an intensive, highly participatory, group work based course and it is intended for students who are seriously considering starting their own venture.
3312ADerivative SecuritiesThis course studies derivative securities such as Futures, Options, Swaps etc. and their application in hedging risk, speculation and arbitrage. The course familiarizes students with the many instruments and institutions of financial markets and provide students with an understanding of the design and the valuation of various derivative securities
3335AIntroduction to Data Science (Third year and upper)Data science is the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data. This course will focus on simultaneously teaching introductory skills needed to collaborate on teams with data scientists, analysts, and other information professionals. Topics include: Database Management using SQL, Data Science methods in Python, Data Visualization techniques, Machine Learning technique case studies, critical Topics in Big Data and Emerging AI Technologies.
3398B-551Special Topics: Animal Welfare and Sustainability LeadershipThe need to protect animals and the environment is a growing ethical and economic priority. This unique course builds your understanding of the most pressing animal welfare and ecological challenges and possibilities, and cultivates the analytical, strategic, and organizational skills required to lead with heart for other species and our shared environment across sectors.
3398B-550Special Topics Course (Management Information Systems)This course will introduce the principles of information systems as they are applied

to businesses and is organized around three themes:

(1) Frameworks for the digital world

(2) IT and decision making

(3) IT – transforming organizations and society

3420FMarketing ResearchThis course is a core degree requirement for students hoping to graduate with a specialization in Marketing & Sustainability. This course integrates the various research tools used within the social sciences and applies them to practical marketing research settings.
3423ASustainability marketingThis course is unique to Huron and is a core degree requirement for students hoping to graduate with a specialization in Marketing & Sustainability. In the 2022-2023 school year, it is offered in the fall 2022 school term only.
4498BSpecial Topics: Business approaches for emerging 21st century issuesThis is an experiential learning research focused course designed to explore, investigate and reflect on the emerging themes and challenges of tomorrow’s global marketplace. Successful competitiveness in the 21st century will demand the use of visionary and dedicated leadership, a balanced scorecard that enhances corporate accountability, and sustained investment in creating dynamic capabilities. So far this century has seen several emerging challenges and this course focuses on understanding and addressing the complex, messy and puzzling situations and guiding action in the 21st century.
There will be a week long class trip travelling to Dubai over reading week. We will in turn act as host from a companion class from Dubai in March.
4498ASpecial Topics: Capital MarketsThis course examines the form and function of various financial markets and the manner in which financial managers use these markets to accomplish strategic corporate objectives. The objective of this course is to prepare students for successful interaction with capital markets and institutions. Focus will be placed on the behavior of major financial institutions and their role in the intermediation process as suppliers of funds as well as the form and function of specific capital markets.