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Global Great Books

Have you ever wondered about the nature of happiness or the meaning of life? Do you sometimes wish you knew more about the diverse cultures that shape our world?

Do you want to have meaningful discussions about the perennial questions that animate human life? While we read what some of the greatest minds have thought about the human condition, you will discover a diverse set of answers to life’s biggest questions, giving you the opportunity to discern the best path for yourself.

This program will not only develop your ability to think globally, it will also enrich your sense about how to navigate the complexities of human life, find meaningful solutions to perennial problems, and inspire others to do the same.  Prospective students are advised that offers of admission to a new program may be made only after the university’s own quality assurance processes have been completed and the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance has approved the program.


The Global Advantage

Questions about happiness, love, hatred and violence are universal, and the ways human beings attempt to navigate them tell us a lot about who they are and what motivates their actions. Whether you lead within a boardroom or operating room, if you want to positively influence others, you must understand how they engage with the world.

Global Great Books’ interdisciplinary courses create the unique opportunity to engage with profound questions to understand, in deep and meaningful ways, the perspectives of other people.

Huron’s strategically-small classrooms create the perfect environment for vibrant discussions to lead you towards answers that will increase your agency over yourself and position you to build more meaningful relationships with others.

You will receive one-on-one mentorship and support from a wide variety of internationally-recognized professors whose unique areas of expertise will enable you to delve into a breadth and depth of material that is extremely rare within Canada’s post-secondary landscape.

Alumni Stories

  • The Liberal Arts help you contextualize all these challenges within our past, present and future, which reinforces how we look at the world and how able we will be to change it.
    Natalie Cross
    Double Major in Political Science and English
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  • Huron's experiential learning opportunities enabled me to extend my knowledge far beyond what I learned in class. This helped me develop a robust understanding and skillset that I am able to apply to my pursuits of Leadership with Heart.
    Emily Abbott
    History & Political Science
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  • Everything that has happened to me personally and professionally since then has been shaped by the decision to go to Yonsei. Because of my time there, I developed a strong interest in inter-Korean relations and the prospects for Korean unification; I wrote my 4th year thesis on that issue.
    Toby Schwartz, Alumna
    Foreign Service Officer, Global Affairs Canada
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  • Huron gave me competence academically and socially. My education taught me how to communicate with people from all walks of life, including those in positions of authority.
    Taylor Harris
    From Huron to Cambridge
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Global Great Books’ interdisciplinary courses create the unique opportunity to engage with profound questions to understand, in deep and meaningful ways, the perspectives of other people.

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  • I hope to engage students in the perennial questions and ideas that are essential to our life in community with others.
    Sara MacDonald, PhD
    Professor, Political Science
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  • At their heart, these courses are about what it means to be human, with all of the challenges and all of the triumphs that this entails.
    John Hope, PhD
    Professor, Jewish Studies
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Global Great Books Faculty Department


Program sessional and per course instructors  

Global Great Books Courses

2023 - 2024 Courses
Course – See link for Academic Calendar DescriptionInstructorSection – See link for Course Outline
GGB 1002F – The Pursuit of HappinessSabo / Hope550 / 551
GGB 1002G – The Pursuit of HappinessHope550
GGB 1200G – War and PeaceHope550
GGB 2000F – Human Nature and the Meaning of LifeHope550
GGB 2001G – Friends and LoversHope550
GGB 2300F – The Rule of LawSabo550
GGB 3000F – JusticeHope550
GGB 3002G – The Beautiful and SublimeMacDonald550
GGB 3004F – Special Topics in Global Great BooksMacDonald550
GGB 3300G – The Ethics of LeadershipMacDonald550
GGB 4000F – Capstone CourseHope550
2022 - 2023 Courses

Global Great Books – COURSES 2022/2023

Course – Please see link for Academic Calendar DescriptionInstructorSection – Please see links for Course Outlines
GGB 1002F – The Pursuit of HappinessMacDonald550
GGB 1200G – War and PeaceHope550
GGB 2000F – Human Nature and the Meaning of LifeMacDonald550
GGB 2001G – Friends and LoversHope550
GGB 2200G – The Global Art of LoveSharma550
GGB 3000F – JusticeHope550
GGB 3001G – Nature and TechnologySabo550
GGB 3003F – Reason and RevelationSabo550
GGB 4000F – Capstone CourseHope550



2019 - 2020 Courses

Global Great Books Careers

Our world is becoming increasingly global. You can no longer be a successful leader if you work in isolation from the ideas and influences that affect people of every socioeconomic, cultural and ideological background. Global Great Books will empower you to extend your empathy, compassion and leadership far beyond your local community – and even your country’s borders.

Where will a degree in Global Great Books take you?
  • Politician
  • Humanitarian
  • Lawyer
  • Professor
  • Business executive and strategist
  • Journalist
  • Diplomat
  • Teacher
  • Marketer or public relations professional
  • Salesperson
  • Social worker
  • Lobbyist
  • Community activist and service worker
  • Non-profit professional

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