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Sri Lanka Terrorist Attack

Jon Munn, Director of Marketing & Communications
Apr 25 2019

Dear Huron Community,

This past Easter Sunday, on one of the holiest days for Christians around the globe, the country of Sri Lanka was struck by a wave of terrorist attacks through a series of explosions at three churches and three hotels. Hundreds of people were killed or wounded. As a university with long-standing ties with the Christian church, we want to reaffirm our solidarity with the Christian community, and with all other communities affected by these terrible acts.

In the past year we have seen major terrorist attacks on a synagogue, a mosque, and now churches. In every case, the targets were innocent people peacefully participating in their religious practices.

The open and respectful exchange of ideas is at the crux of everything we do at Huron. We are committed to fighting hate, and we always strive to ensure Huron’s campus is a respectful and welcoming environment where everyone can feel supported, regardless of their views or beliefs. In today’s polarized world, it can sometimes seem the voices of hatred and intolerance are the loudest. But our responsibility is to ensure our voices of love, acceptance, generosity, and kindness are louder.

We stand with the people of Sri Lanka in their time of unimaginable grief.

Barry Craig