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Associate Professor, Chair of the Philosophy Department

Glen Koehn, PHD
Every field of learning looks toward what is universal and fundamental. Philosophy can help by clarifying central terms like happiness, justice, right or wrong and true or false. Our students will learn about rational belief revision, about the criteria for judging theories and the nature of good and bad, through freewheeling philosophical debate about life’s big questions. We will try to conserve what’s most valuable from the past while following the argument where it leads.

Put your critical analysis and capacity for creative thinking to work within Huron’s Philosophy Department. Students who engage with my courses will have the opportunities to contemplate morality and where our ethical principles are derived from – and how this influences our behaviours.

Together, we will look at rational choice theory and how individual bias and decisions conflate to push society forward – or hinder its progress. Students in my courses will get to discuss vibrant subject matter that spans from ancient Grecian thought leaders to today’s most influential figures who have helped define and will continue to redefine social good, productivity and effective citizenship.