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Program/Majors: BMOS, Honours Specialization in Marketing and Sustainability
Home city/home country: Nairobi, Kenya
High School Name: Oshwal Academy

Fast Facts:

Favourite spot on campus:  Apps International House

Most memorable moment at Huron:  In my first year at Huron, I was struggling with math. I reached out to my professor, Marina Palaisti, for help outside of her office hours, where she offered me tea and cookies and at the end said ‘Zayn, we are going to get you through this final, you are going to understand everything.’ Immediately I thought ‘where am I?’ It never crossed my mind that I would ever have tea with my professor during a math revision outside of their office hours.

Clubs joined:  Young Women in Business & BoostHER (Western Club) 

Volunteer/Work/Career Development/Research Experience:

  • Chaplain Assistant
  • Residence Council
  • International Brand Ambassador
  • Huron Soph
  • International Student Officer
  • Notetaker
  • Sales Associate at Pandora
  • Marketing Intern at London Health Sciences Foundation

Best class taken: MOS 2320: Marketing for MOS

What I love about London Life: Huron makes my London life because it is a home away from home due to the close community. I know all the good spots in London through Huron, and they always make good recommendations on where to go. 

Which Huron Residence I lived in: O’Neil-Ridley & Southwest

Career Goal: I want to pursue marketing, get into the business field, and make my family proud. However, I would also love to go to law school one day in the future. 

Huron has such a great population of international students that I was able to meet so many friends with the same culture as me, some of which now have become my best friends. Just going to the library with them, going to the Apps House, celebrating Christmas with them with a Kenyan theme, or even coming together and talking about our experiences help me stay connected to my culture.