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Meet Hanna!

Hanna Ferreira Braga was in her last year of high school in Vancouver when Huron University caught her attention. She was looking for a place to match her interests and goals, so when Hanna visited campus and was introduced to Huron’s small classes, she knew it was the right place for her. As an enthusiastic scholar, Huron’s personalized approach to education seemed like it would be the best path for her post-secondary plans. Three years after making the decision to attend Canada’s most elite yet accessible Liberal Arts university, Hanna knows it was definitely the right track.

Life at Huron

Hanna is currently in her third year and hopes to graduate with an Honors Specialization in Psychology with a minor in criminology. When asked about her transition from high school into undergraduate studies, Hanna expresses that she found it challenging to find the best way to balance her studies, extracurriculars and, eventually, work:

It’s a lot, but it’s going to be worth it. I’m going to do great things and I look forward to Huron’s continued encouragement as I explore more and more of my passions throughout the process.

As an active member of the community, Hanna took it upon herself to contribute to student matters from the start of her university career. In her first year, she decided to become a Student Engagement Officer (SEO) to help international students, like herself, navigate their arrival to Canada and Huron. In her second year, she took an executive position within the Psychology Association and participated in the CAISA Fashion Show as a model. These experiences prepared her for the biggest accomplishment of her undergraduate journey so far: The Green Club.

Growing up in São Pablo, Brazil, Hanna maintained a close relationship with nature, making her very passionate about environmental issues from a young age. When she got to university, she joined Enviro-western, the ecology group at Western. Hanna thought it would be ideal to bring that energy and passion to Huron as well. She researched how to create a club and got on track to extending her initiative to other students. To her delight, both the administration and Students’ Council were excited about her idea and supported her through the approval process. She introduced the project during International Welcome Week. Over the course of this past semester, the Green Club has had several events, including conversations with sustainability experts and cooking activities. Hanna hopes to keep advocating for environmental justice at Huron. She wants the club to develop a long and meaningful legacy of encouraging students to take positive action for the London community.

Hanna currently is working at the London Children’s Connection Daycare, a non-profit organization that provides child care and other learning development resources. As a supply staff member in the Before and After School program, her job is to foster a safe and encouraging environment for the kids.

Future steps

For the rest of the year, Hanna is hoping to keep working on initiatives related to the Green Club and increasing her GPA. She is eager to pursue clinical psychology, so she will start making post-graduation decisions soon. As she pursues her multiple philanthropic and career path interests, Hanna is grateful to be where she is. She recognizes that the multiple connections she has made with other students and lived experiences represent how Huron nurtures students’ potential and empowers their ambition:

I think Huron does a great job fostering an environment where we can meet, talk and rely on each other. People carry a special kind of enthusiasm here. They’re very open and supportive, which encourages you to take those important steps towards your goals.

That’s what Leadership with Heart means for Hanna: mutual support and growing together, as a team.

Clubs at Huron

Students at Huron are constantly encouraged to pursue their interests and develop their leadership and collaboration skills. If students want to participate in a club that doesn’t exist yet they can create it themselves. Huron’s aspiring leaders can get in touch with the Clubs Commissioner from the Huron University College Student Council (HUCSC) by sending their proposal to In order to verify a new club, students must comply with the following requirements:

  • Must be open to all Huron students.
  • Must have an executive committee made of only undergraduate students, including at least president and treasurer.
  • Must have a minimum of 10 members, including executives.
  • Must attend mandatory meetings specified by the Clubs Commissioner