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I arrived at Huron in 2009, just 4 years after my family had immigrated to Canada from Zimbabwe. From the outset of my Huron experience I was drawn to the study of Economics given that our family was forced to immigrate due to the rapid decline of the Zimbabwean economy at the time. After taking my first Global Studies class in my second year at Huron it became clear to me that the program offered a very holistic approach to the study of economic development as well as international politics, post studies, and community.


I booked a flight back to Zimbabwe, packed my bags, and left the day after my graduation. Since I arrived in Zimbabwe I have been working for a company which focuses on providing consultancy services to both the Zimbabwean government and the private sector. Today the business environment in Zimbabwe is slowly regaining its sanity. This is largely due to the work that I am involved in which is rebuilding the harshly fragmented relationship between the government and local businesses. The Zimbabwean government is shifting towards a focus on economic growth rather than power politics. I am extremely proud to have gained the skills I needed to effectively participate in this nation building project during my time at Huron.


I plan to pursue a professional certification in project management in the near future. Following this, I am confident that I will be going on to pursue a master’s degree Development Economics.


N.B. It’s sunny and warm all year round in Zimbabwe. I really hope to see some fellow Huron and Western alumni visiting this part of the world in the future. Caution: once you arrive here you may decide to stay a while longer than you planned.

Tapiwa Nyandoro