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As a residential university, Huron offers students unique opportunities to grow, learn, expand their awareness and understanding of others, create friendships and develop their own potential. The residence experience at Huron is unique because the living environment is closely connected to the academic environment. The result is a feeling of home away from home, focused on academic success.

Huron uses a program called STARREZ to manage our applications to residence and room assignment. You will need to complete the application in full and pay the deposit by the deadline to be considered for a spot in residence. In order to access STARREZ, you must first activate your Western Identity.

Please be advised that in order to be eligible for a space in Huron’s Residence, you must accept your offer to attend Huron, have completed the Residence Application and submitted the residence deposit before the June 3, 2020 deadline.


To Apply For Residence, You Will Need


Your Western Identity is what you will use while at Huron to access many services including applying to residence, logging into email, accessing online courses, registering for courses, and many other things. Activate your Western Identity (Western ID) and you choose your password.
This may be the first time you need to activate your Western Identity, or if you also applied to Western, you should already have this information
(in which case skip to Step 3).


Your Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) Reference Number is generated and sent to you by the OUAC when you apply for admission to Huron. Your OUAC Reference Number is ten-digits long and begins with 2020. If you cannot find your OUAC Reference Number, please check your emails from OUAC or contact them directly. If you did not apply to Huron through the OUAC, please email and request your Access Code.


The Student Number is a student identification number that is assigned to a student upon first applying to Huron. The number, which is unique to every student, will be used as the key identifier on a student’s record at Huron. The Student Number is nine-digits long, randomly assigned, and begins with either 250 or 251. You would have received your Student Number on your offer of admission letter and you may also locate it in your Huron Admissions Self-Service Account where you check your application. If you cannot locate or remember your Student Number, please email


Your Access Code is an identification number generated through the Access Code Retrieval process. Your Access Code is needed to activate your Western Identity.
Your OUAC Reference Number, Student Number and date of birth will be required to generate your Access Code.

Residence Application Process




Quick Steps






Note: If you did not apply through the OUAC please contact Huron to get your access code at 519.438.7224, extension 233 or

Note: If you did not apply through the OUAC please contact Huron to get your access code at 519.438.7224, extension 233 or

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply For Residence?
Once you have received and accepted an offer to attend Huron, you may apply for a spot in residence. The online application process begins on March 30, 2020. Visit the Residence Application page and follow the directions. You will need your Western ID and PIN, and you must pay a deposit as part of the application process in order to be considered for a spot in residence. If you have any questions about the application process, please email
I am domestic student. What is the Cost of Deposit and Terms and Conditions of the Application Process?
Domestic students are required to pay a $1,000 deposit to submit an application for residence. There are a number of options for payment including paying online with a credit card. All payment methods and instructions are outlined in detail as part of the application process. If you withdraw your application prior to July 15, you will receive a 50% refund, the balance being a non-refundable administration fee. After July 15, 2020, the entire deposit is non-refundable unless your Residence Application is not accepted. If you are not offered a space in Residence, you will be advised that your name is on a waiting list. If, during the time your name is on the waiting list, you withdraw your application, in writing, before we offer you accommodation, your entire initial payment will be refunded. If an offer of accommodation is made and you refuse the offer, the entire initial payment will be forfeited. If you cancel your contract, you must notify the Residence Manager in writing immediately. In the event the Huron’s residence buildings are unable to open in September 2020 as a result of a government directive or for health and safety reasons related to the COVID-19 virus, the residence deposit will be fully refunded.
I am an International Student. What is the Cost of Deposit and Terms and Conditions of the Application Process?
International students are required to pay a $5,000 deposit to submit an application for residence. There are a number of options for payment including wire transfer. If you have already paid part of your tuition fees, your deposit will be taken from that fee payment. You will be instructed to contact Huron to be manually bypassed around the deposit payment and continue with the application process. The $5,000 deposit payment is non-refundable unless a) you are denied a student visa to study in Canada; b) Huron withdraws its offer of admission to you; or c) you are not offered a spot in the residence. In any of these cases, your deposit will be refunded. In the event the Huron’s residence buildings are unable to open in September 2020 as a result of a government directive or for health and safety reasons related to the COVID-19 virus, the residence deposit will be fully refunded.
When is the Deadline to Apply for Residence?
Online applications will be accepted between the dates of March 30 and June 3 at 12:00 pm (noon), 2020. Any applications received after 12:00 pm (noon) on June 3 will be considered for any remaining available openings in any of the five residential buildings.
Is Residence Guaranteed and is it a Lottery System?
Residence is not guaranteed; however, with over 90% of our rooms dedicated to first-year students, we expect that most who apply will be placed in residence. Applications will be approved for placement based on a number of factors including a completed application (deposit received and all questions answered), and the date the application is received. The earlier you apply the more likely you are to receive a spot. Anyone who does not receive a room will be placed on a wait list and if or when rooms become available, students will be contacted from the top of the wait list and offered accommodations.
What Is the Difference Between Each Building?
Each of the residence buildings have some unique and distinctive aspects about them in terms of size, style, and types of rooms, as well as the placement of students to create specific communities within them. A brief description for each of these buildings can be found in the Student Life section of the website. Henderson House 10-room mid-century modern house, single residence rooms, reserved for upper-year students. Full kitchen and laundry amenities are included in this building, as well as shared washrooms and two common areas. Located at the back of the campus, 5-7 minutes walking distance to the main campus building. Brough House Brough House is a 19-room, 3-story home, of mostly single rooms but a few doubles. Full kitchen and laundry amenities are included, as well as a large common area and a large shared dining room space. Ideal for students who prefer more privacy and smaller numbers for sharing living space. Sits beside Henderson House at the back of the campus. Southwest Southwest is made up of suite-style rooms that include 4 private bedrooms, 2 shared washrooms, a common seating area, and a small kitchenette space (does not include cooking appliances). Southwest is reserved for students with a high admission average and an interest in living in an Academic Living and Learning Community. Students will be selected based upon their interest and entrance average, but placement in Southwest is a random lottery system through the online application program. Suitemate requests cannot be accommodated for Southwest. Hellmuth Most rooms in Hellmuth are single, with double rooms in a ‘pod’ arrangement located on each of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. Pod double rooms have access to a washroom shared amongst the 4 students living within each double room (located next to one another). Requests for roommates will be accommodated to the best of our ability. If you wish to live with or near a friend, a Hellmuth double pod is your best bet! Common areas are located on each of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors, with a larger common area located on the ground floor. The Hellmuth residence is attached to one wing of the main campus building and is one of two residences (the other is Southwest) that make up the Academic Living Learning Community. O’Neil/Ridley Our largest residence on campus, O’Neil/Ridley is made up of three floors, two wings per floor, and entirely single rooms. Students may wish to live in a “pod”, which is a cluster of single rooms with a shared washroom (between 4-7 students in each pod), accessible only to those students located in the pod area. Shared gender-specific washrooms are located on each floor in each wing, with a number of single gender-neutral washrooms also available for use.
Do I Need to Pay for a Meal Plan if I am Living in Residence?
Yes. It is a requirement for all students who live in residence to purchase a full meal plan.
Can I Choose My Roomate?
You may select a roommate for placement in our double rooms in Hellmuth. All other requests (for instance, to live close to friends within the same residence) may be considered with the exception of Southwest. Due to the high demand and low number of rooms, placement in Southwest is a random allocation determined by the online application system. Suitemates requests will not be considered for the Southwest residence.
What Living Learning Communities Does Huron Residence Offer?
Huron currently has two Living Learning communities available for students. The Academic Living Learning Community, located in both Southwest and Hellmuth, is ideal for students who desire living arrangements that are most conducive to focus and quiet studying, as well as programming and floor events that promote academic success. The Leadership Living Learning Community is ideal for students interested in student leadership opportunities and plan to get involved in various clubs or student government while at Huron. In addition to our Living Learning Communities, students may also indicate an interest in living amongst non-drinking students (alcohol-free community), students interested in volunteering or community engagement, or students that identify as allies of the LGBTQ2+ community. We will do our best to place students in close proximity to one another who have identified any of these areas as preferable for living arrangements, in order to facilitate community development, or to giving priority to placement within requested Living Learning Communities.
What Do I Need To Do After Getting Accepted Into Residence At Huron?
Once your application has been received in full (all questions answered and deposit received) you will be sent a series of documents to read, sign electronically, and return to us. Confirmation of your placement in residence will not be sent out until these documents have been returned via email. The documents for review include the Residence Handbook, the Residence Code of Conduct, and the Huron Promise, a pledge we have developed highlighting our expectations around behaviour and attitudes that reflect our commitment to diversity, acceptance, integrity, and community. Confirmation for room and building allocation will be sent to your email mid- to late July. The Residence Handbook will include all the details you need to know about what you can and cannot bring with you into the Residence, and the most important information you need to be successful while living on campus. Throughout the summer, you will also receive various emails and notifications related to Move-In Day and O-Week. Please continue to check your email as well as our Huron website, for ongoing updates.