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Help us build a place within the heart of campus

Huron’s Student Activity Centre (SAC) will be a place, within the heart of campus, where young people feel safe, included and inspired to share, challenge and shape ideas that may become the solutions our world needs. 

The Student Activity Centre is not only a place for students to spend time in between and after classes, it's also home to our student-run bar, which is one of our Students’ Councils’ major revenue streams. The funds they generate during events empowers them to run student interest clubs; support inclusivity and diversity; and operate autonomously from school administration.
By contributing to the development of our new Student Activity Centre, you’re encouraging students to operate with fiscal and ethical responsibility and believe in their maturation into contributing members of their university community – and society more broadly.
From creating a place for club fairs through to networking events, your gift to our Student Activity Cente will hold a great deal of meaning for our students and significantly enhance their time at Huron. Thank you for recognizing that contributions, beyond the classroom, are essential to our university’s capacity for delivering an entirely unique type of education.

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Hear from our students about why they need – and deserve – a new Student Activity Centre

Key Contacts

Meaghan Blight

VP, University Growth
519.438.7224 ext. 271

Tara Downey

AVP, Advancement
519.438.7224 ext. 886
Lucas Alumni House, 2nd Floor