As we return to campus in-person this September 2021, we know you and your families may have many questions about how to prepare for your arrival and the entry requirements into Canada. With mass vaccinations underway in Canada, and the approval of our COVID-19 readiness plan by the Government of Ontario, we’re thrilled to be safely welcoming our community back to campus.

When you became a part of the Huron community, we committed to providing a university experience unlike any other. Now more than ever, you will benefit immensely form Huron’s personalized culture of care, offering a level of support for international students rarely found at most other universities.


We’ve put together helpful responses and information to your Frequently Asked Questions below. As a community that cares about you – day or night – regardless of whether you’re across the country or around the globe, please remember that our International Admissions Advisors and International Student Engagement Coordinator are always available to meet with you and your family through on-demand one-on-one virtual appointments, to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Please note, the information on this page only applies to International Students beginning their studies at Huron in September 2021. If you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada (PR), please contact your Admissions Advisor for the relevant information.

Huron covers quarantine cost
Approved by Ontario government
All residence is single rooms
Average of 33 students per class


What are the key next steps and deadlines I need to know?

Accept your Offer of Admission before your deadline – The deadline to accept your Offer of Admission and pay your $1,000 Admission Deposit is stated on your Huron Offer of Admission letter.

Apply to live in residence before June 4, 2021 – This is the deadline to submit your Residence application. Rooms in Huron’s residence buildings are in high demand, we recommend you apply as early as possible since rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Apply for your Canadian Study Permit immediately – You should begin applying for your Canadian Study Permit as soon as you accept your Offer of Admission. Applying early is extremely important to ensure you are able to arrive on-campus in time.

Attend International Summer Orientation and Academic Registration sessions between June to July 2021 – Academic Registration Sessions are designed to help you register for your first-year courses and to introduce you to your personal Academic Advisors who will be supporting you throughout your time at Huron. As you prepare for travel to Canada, our International Student Engagement team will also host a series of International Summer Orientation Sessions to introduce you to important Huron support services, help you meet members of the Huron community and your incoming classmates while ensuring you have all the latest information and advice on the arrival process and International Welcome Week. This will be a great opportunity to have all your questions answered and to prepare for your travel to Canada!

Arrive in Canada on August 15, 2021 – This is the date you should plan to arrive in Canada at Toronto Pearson International airport (YYZ). After your 14-day quarantine, your International Welcome Week experience will begin!

September 8, 2021 – First day of classes

It is very important to set up and monitor your Western Email account to receive important communications from the university. To set up your Western User ID and Password please click here. Once you’re all set up, you can log in to your Western Email account by clicking here.

Final exams at my school have been delayed or cancelled due to COVID-19. Will this impact my Admission to Huron?

We understand that these extraordinary circumstances are beyond your control – your admission to Huron will not be impacted.

For students pursuing the IB Diploma or A-Level Curricula: if your school does not hold exams in May 2021, we will accept the alternative final results issued by the IBO or your examination board.

For students pursuing the CBSE/ISC Curriculum: due to the delay in Class XII examinations, Huron will issue you with your final, unconditional Offer of Admission letters to allow you to apply for your Study Permit immediately, instead of applying after you receive your Class XII examination results. In order to receive these letters, you must accept your Offer of Admission and pay your Admission Deposit.

For further questions or guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

How do I accept my Offer of Admission?

The deadline to accept your Offer of Admission is May 1, 2021. To accept Huron’s Offer of Admission, you must both:

  1. Confirm your offer through your Ontario Universities’ Application Centre account ( If you have submitted your application directly to Huron, please confirm your attendance on your Huron Application Portal.
  2. Pay your $1,000 Admission Deposit by clicking here.

The admission deposit will be applied to your student account and credited towards your overall tuition fees. Paying an admission deposit allows your spot at Huron to be held and secured. This admission deposit is non-refundable. However, a full refund of all fees paid to Huron including this deposit, will be issued to you if your application for a Canadian Study Permit is rejected, or if you do not meet the conditions of your Offer of Admission.

Am I still able to apply for any further scholarships?

Yes. Your International Entrance Scholarship can be increased up to a maximum of $15,000 per year ($60,000 over four years). There are two options available for you depending on your needs:

Supplemental Application for International Entrance Scholarship – At Huron, we care about leadership and character as much as academics. By submitting this scholarship application, we can consider you for further scholarship on the basis of your community, extra-curricular and leadership achievements. You can find the application form and further details by clicking here.

Huron International Financial Aid Form – We’re proud to be one of the only universities in Canada to offer scholarships on the basis of financial need, rather than just merit. We know the COVID-19 pandemic has created financial challenges for families around the world. If your family is facing difficulty budgeting for your Huron education, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Contact your International Admission Advisor for support and guidance on how to apply.

I’d like to speak to an International Admissions Advisor to ask some questions. Who can I contact?

Your personal International Admission Advisors are always available by email, WhatsApp, and WeChat to answer any questions you have. You and your family are also welcome to book a one-on-one call with any member of our team using the links below

Catrina Ren: Students in China
WeChat ID: RYLwork
Book a Zoom Call Appointment with me by clicking here

Anjali Anand Seth: Students in India
WhatsApp: +91 7303286777
Book a Zoom Call Appointment with me by clicking here

Alexandra Vargas: Students in the U.S., Latin America and Caribbean
WhatsApp: +1 519 200 2083
Book a Zoom Call Appointment with me by clicking here

Moustafa Ezz: Students in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and all other regions
WhatsApp: +1 519 902 7008
Book a Zoom Call Appointment with me by clicking here

How do I pay my tuition fees?

The tuition fees for your program are listed on your “Canadian Immigration Letter” in your Huron Application Portal account. A full list of payment methods available to you is available by clicking here.

In the event of a Study Permit application rejection, we will refund all tuition and fees paid to Huron. Please visit our Money Matters page for further information.

Are there any social media groups for September 2021 students that I can join to meet my future classmates?

Yes! Join one of our groups for incoming students to meet your peers and stay up to date with important announcements.

Facebook: Join the group by clicking here.

WhatsApp: Join the group by clicking here.

WeChat: Scan the QR code below to join:

Are there any virtual tours of campus that I can take?

Yes. To experience our virtual campus tours, please click here.

Can I speak directly with current international students at Huron to ask them questions about the student experience?

Yes. To chat with current Huron students and ask them any questions, please click here.

You can also watch our virtual coffee chats with Huron students and professors for first-hand information about your program, or watch our Alumni Masterclasses to learn more about careers after Huron. Click here for the recordings.

I have not applied to Huron yet – how do I apply for September 2021 admission?

A step-by-step guide through the application process is available by clicking here or watching this video.

Classes, Campus and Residence

Will Huron resume in-person learning for September 2021?

Yes. Huron will be resuming in-person learning and on-campus operations in September 2021.

With mass vaccinations underway in Canada, our spacious campus facilities and our COVID-19 Readiness Plan officially approved by the Government of Ontario, we are fully prepared to ensure the safe return to campus for you and the entire Huron community.

How is physical distancing going to be ensured inside the classrooms?

At most universities in Canada, your first-year classes will consist of anywhere from 200 to 1000 students per class. This does not happen at Huron. One of the biggest advantages you’ll have at Huron is that our selective admissions process ensures our students experience an average class size of only 33 students per class. Combined with our extensive and spacious classroom facilities, this means Huron is naturally suited to ensure a perfectly safe classroom environment that fully complies with public health guidelines.

Thanks to our unique model, we are one of the best positioned universities across Canada to return all our classes, not just a few, to in-person learning safely. Huron continues to follow all guidance and regulations in place by local Public Health authorities, to ensure a safe and healthy return to campus for all members of our community.

What physical distancing and safety measures are in place in residence?

We are implementing a number of safety protocols in anticipation of your move-in to residence. These includes: single room occupancy in residence, assigned washroom and showers spaces, reduced occupancy in washrooms and common areas, mask requirements for any students when outside of their residence rooms, a no guest policy for our residence, reduced occupancy in the dining hall, and organizing “cohorts” of students to adhere to government guidelines for limited indoor gatherings. Residence common areas (washrooms, hallways) will be cleaned and sanitized more frequently, hand sanitizer stations will be placed everywhere around the campus, and there will be ongoing screening, rapid testing and check-ins with students to ensure we monitor symptoms and overall health of our community.

How do I apply to live in Huron’s on-campus residence?

A full guide on how to apply to live in Huron’s residences can be found by clicking here. The deadline to apply is June 4, 2021 however we strongly recommend you apply at your earliest opportunity since rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and Huron residence rooms are in very high demand.

To assist you with the residence application process and any questions you may have pertaining to this, our Residence team will be offering Zoom drop-in sessions on Tuesdays from 2:30PM-3:30PM (EST) and Thursdays from 11:00AM-12:00PM (EST) beginning Thursday, April 1st 2021 through Thursday, June 3rd 2021. The Zoom link can be found here.

If I have to arrive on campus late because of Study Permit processing delays, will I still pay the full residence and meal plan fees?

If you arrive late to Residence due to Study Permit processing delays beyond your control, Huron will pro-rate your Residence and Meal Plan fees. This means you will only be charged residence and meal plans fees from the month in which you arrive. For example, if you have to arrive on October 14th due to delays in Study Permit processing, the fees charged will be based on 1 October 2021 to 30 April 2022 only. You will not be charged for September.

Can Huron support me in finding off-campus accommodation?

The Huron Roommate Matching Program is being offered to assist September 2021 students with finding compatible roommates for living Off-Campus in the London, Ontario area. The Roommate Matching Program is completely optional, but is intended to match students with several other students with similar interests and lifestyle preferences. If you are interested in participating and wish to receive potential roommate matches for Off-Campus living, please complete the form at the link below by no later than May 1. Results, as well as contact information for your potential matches, will be shared with participants by May 15.

Huron Roomate Matching Program Form. Please contact with any questions you may have.

Study Permit, Travel to Canada and Quarantine

Please be advised that this guide is updated regularly as new information becomes available. The questions and answers provided below are general in nature and subject to change. Individual students are responsible for ensuring compliance with Government of Canada regulations at

Last updated: April 29, 2021

How do I apply for a Canadian Study Permit and when should I begin?

As soon as you accept your Offer of Admission to Huron. The Government of Canada made the following public commitment on their website to process Study Permit applications received before May 15, 2021 in time for the fall semester: "If we receive your complete study permit application by May 15, 2021, you’ll get a decision by August 6, 2021, in time to attend the fall semester." This updated guidance has now been posted on IRCC’s website here:

Once you accept your Offer of Admission, you can use the documents available in your Huron Application Portal account to begin applying for a Study Permit. It is extremely important that all international applicants to Huron submit their Study Permit applications online prior to May 15, 2021 in order to be able to arrive in Canada in time for International Welcome Week and the start of the fall semester.

To learn how to apply for a Canadian Study Permit, please click here.

All students must regularly update their Study Permit application status with Huron in their Huron Application Portal account. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log-In to your Huron Application Portal account and click on your name in the top right-hand corner
  2. Click on “Profile”
  3. Scroll down to “Study Permit Status 2021” and select one of the options listed to indicate the current status of your Study Permit Application

In the event that your Study Permit application is rejected, you will receive a refund of all fees paid to Huron.

Special Notice for students in the CBSE or ISC curriculum: Due to the delay in Class XII examinations, Huron will issue you with special letters to allow you to apply for your Study Permit immediately, instead of applying after you receive your Class XII examination results. In order to receive these letters, you must accept your Offer of Admission and pay your Admission Deposit. For further guidance, please contact Mrs. Anjali Anand Seth at or on WhatsApp at +91 73032 86777

Can I receive a tuition payment receipt to include in my Study Permit application?

Yes. You can pay your tuition to Huron using any of the methods listed on this page.

Receipts will be issued to you within 2 business days of payments being deposited at Huron. Your receipt will be sent to your Western Email account. To access this account, set up your Western User ID and Password please click here. Once you’re all set up, you can log in to your Western Email account by clicking here.

Can International Students travel to Canada? Is Huron on the Government list of Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan in place?

Yes. Huron’s COVID-19 Readiness plan has been approved by the Government of Ontario, allowing eligible students to travel to Canada.

What is the quarantine requirement for international students arriving in Canada? Will Huron support me throughout the process and cover my quarantine expenses?

All students arrive in Canada from abroad by air are required to complete a 14-day quarantine and complete mandatory COVID-19 testing. Huron will reimburse all first-year international students for the full expenses of the 14-day quarantine requirement.

Given its proximity to London, students should only book flights that arrive into Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). The 14-day quarantine takes place in two phases: Upon arrival in Toronto by air, students must complete a three-day government-authorized hotel stay at the beginning of their 14-day quarantine period. After you complete this three-day government-authorized hotel stay, Huron will arrange an accommodation for you for the remaining 11-days of the quarantine period. Huron will also transport you from your government-authorized hotel to your quarantine accommodation.

Students will receive further instruction and details on the quarantine process and accommodation in the coming weeks, please monitor your email inbox carefully to ensure you receive this important communication.

What is Huron’s International Welcome Week program and when should I plan to arrive in Canada?

Huron’s renowned International Welcome Week program provides the ultimate introduction to Canada and campus for all incoming Huron international students. Our International Student Engagement team of staff and upper year students will help you get settled by: taking you shopping for your dorm room, assist with setting up your bank account, getting a SIM card and the necessary documents to help you begin working in Canada. Then, you’ll get to enjoy a week of exciting events and programming to help you make friends, meet your Huron professors and personal advisors while exploring campus and the city of London.

Here are the key dates and timelines for this year’s international student arrivals and International Welcome Week:

July 2021 – Our team will host multiple virtual Pre-Departure Sessions for incoming international students and parents. In these sessions, we’ll share the latest updates on requirements and procedures for travelling to Canada and quarantine protocols, provide you with the schedule for your International Welcome Week program and answer any questions you may have.

August 15, 2021 – This is the date you should plan for your arrival in Canada. We strongly recommend all students prepare their Study Permit applications and travel arrangements to ensure they are able to land at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) on August 15, 2021. After completion of the 14-day quarantine period, you will be escorted by Huron to campus to move into your residence room and begin your International Welcome Week.

September 8, 2021 – First day of classes

If you are unable to arrive in Canada in August 2021 due to Study Permit Processing delays beyond your control, please notify immediately. To ensure you receive the same warm welcome and support on arrival, additional intakes for International Welcome Week will be available for you on September 15, 2021 and October 15, 2021. Your Academic Advisor will work closely with you to ensure you have access to all required course material and class content if you are unable to arrive prior to classes beginning.

If my Study Permit application is not processed before classes start at Huron, do I have to defer my Offer of Admission to the next academic year?

No. We understand matters like these are out of your control and that waiting another whole year to start your university experience is highly undesirable.

In the event that you are unable to receive a Study Permit prior to the start of classes, we will personally work with you to ensure you receive all course content and instruction virtually, until you are able to finally arrive on campus. This allows you to progress in your courses until your Study Permit is processed and you are able to join us in-person.

What documentation do I need to bring with me to the airport?

Before travelling to Canada, it is mandatory that you download the ArriveCAN app and enter your travel and contact information, quarantine plan, and COVID-19 symptom assessment prior to boarding your flight. A border services officer will request to see your ArriveCAN receipt.

Students must bring a valid study permit or a port of entry letter of introduction that shows that you were approved for a study permit.

As of January 7, 2021, all international travellers will also be required to test negative for COVID-19 before travelling from another country to Canada. The test must be taken within 72 hours prior to the traveller’s scheduled departure to Canada.

At the airport, airline officials will require you to present your negative COVID-19 test prior to boarding. As always, we recommend students travel with the following items on their person (not in checked luggage):

  • Valid Passport and Canadian Temporary Resident Visa and/or an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) (if applicable)
  • Negative COVID-19 test
  • Study Permit OR Letter of Introduction issued by the Canadian Visa Office that approved your Study Permit
  • Your original letter of acceptance from Huron
  • Proof of funds
  • Medical and immunization (vaccination) records, prescriptions and medications
  • Money and a credit card (note: you will not be able to set up bank accounts or credit cards while in quarantine, so it's important you have a means of paying for essential needs such as medications and food)
  • List of important phone numbers
What are the government requirements for COVID-19 testing for travellers to Canada by air?

As of February 15, all students travelling from abroad by air to Canada are required to have COVID-19 testing a total of four times: 

These measures will ensure that by the time you arrive on campus, our entire community will be safe and healthy. Visit the Government of Canada website for more information.

Can my family travel with me?

Accompanying family members of international students are subject to entry restrictions at this time. Please visit the Government of Canada website for more details.

As such, your family members will not be able to travel with you and join you during the quarantine arranged by Huron. Rest assured, you will be in constant contact and care with Huron’s international student support team throughout the process. Our International Welcome Week program is designed to fully provide you with all the essentials you need to set up your life in Canada, without the need for any family members to accompany you.

Every year, most international students arrive to Huron without their parents due to the comfort and peace-of-mind provided by Huron’s renowned International Welcome Week program.

Where can I get tested for COVID-19 in Canada?

Students on campus and in London are encouraged to use Western's on-campus testing clinic. It is free and no appointments are necessary. See Western's COVID-19 Testing webpage for hours and location.

Testing is also provided free of charge at off-campus assessment centres across the City of London.

What does UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan) cover with regards to COVID-19?

You have access to COVID-19 screening free of charge, regardless of UHIP/OHIP status. You should provide your UHIP card if asked. UHIP covers emergency services and hospitalization related to COVID-19. For a full list of what is covered and not covered by UHIP, visit:

If you are wanting coverage for services not covered under UHIP (e.g. prescription drugs, dental care) supplementary health insurance through the University Students' Council (USC) is available for Huron students and included in your ancillary fees


As an international student, will I be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine when I arrive in Canada?

We have been informed that international students will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine for free, as the Government of Ontario continues to expand the eligibility guidelines for the wider population.

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