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Eligibility:  In-course scholarships are available to students entering 2nd-year or above. In order to be eligible to receive an upper-year scholarship, you must be a full-time Huron student returning to Huron in 2020-2021 and be enrolled in 5.0 courses during the regular academic year (September to April), 3.0 of which must be Huron courses. Students must submit an application to be considered for in-course scholarships. The scholarships are adjudicated on the basis of performance and adherence within specific award criteria.  

Huron-Ivey dual degree students are welcome to apply! If a student is enrolled in the Huron/Ivey HBA combined degree program, Huron scholarship will be applied during the time they study at Huron.  They will receive the full award for the first two years (provided that they meet the conditions for renewal), and then for their fourth and fifth years, provided they are completing at least 3.0 courses at Huron, and have met the conditions for renewal. The scholarships are not provided during the year students are at Ivey.

To be considered for an in-course scholarship, please apply using the form below. If you are having difficulty accessing the form below, please use the PDF version of the Scholarships application and follow the instructions on how it should be submitted. If you receive an in-course scholarship, you will be notified by the Student Awards Committee in the summer.

Please fill out the form below and provide all the necessary details and examples to explain why you would be an ideal candidate for the Huron scholarship.

To review terms of each scholarship, please click here.

Deadline: Applications must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. on June 5, 2020.

Scholarships Application

In September 2020 I will be entering:
Do you have any special accommodations and/or a learning disability?
Which Scholarship are you interested in applying to? To review terms of each scholarship, please visit /scholarships-bursaries-grants

If you have any questions, please email huron@uwo.ca

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