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Associate Professor, Philosophy

David Conter, PhD
What I hope to do is to get students to see how ideas – even complicated ones – have a bearing on the practical concerns that we face every day of our lives.

The thing that makes the student experience at Huron different, I think, is simply the increased amount of contact time between individual students and their professors in the course of the student’s getting a degree. A smaller learning institution means smaller departments, so that when a student picks an area of study, the student will interact with a department’s professors not just for one course, but over a period of years. Students learn how to learn from particular professors, and professors learn how to teach particular students. The result is beneficial on both sides of the equation.

Summary of Research:

  • legal philosophy, and particularly the philosophy of property law
  • corporate responsibility
  • the philosophy of the arts, including the art market
  • medieval philosophy, especially Natural Law theory and medieval Jewish philosophy
  • current major research project: an investigation of how human beings understand narrative fiction.