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Head of Industry, Google

Adam Deif, BA’04
Huron was not an easy set of years for me – I had to work really hard. I only saw results when I put in the time, and Huron taught me the importance of putting in that time.


Adam Deif never imagined he would be Head of Industry at Google before the age of 35. After graduating from Huron and exploring his career in Finance, Adam worked his way up through Google, continuously proving himself as a top performer. The Huron alumni shares he distinguished himself with more than the numbers.  He was able to produce results by being what his company calls, “Googley,” which refers to team members who are helpful, friendly, compassionate, driven and results oriented.

For anyone who is familiar with Huron’s vision of Educating Leaders with Heart, they’ll recognize these traits are synonymous with the values we’re determined to develop within our students. “Huron was not an easy set of years for me – I had to work really hard. I only saw results when I put in the time, and Huron taught me the importance of putting in that time,” Adam says.

How did Adam become a leader at Google at such a young age? He recognized the importance of diversity in leadership and in thought.  At first, Adam’s was laser-focused on gaining business so he could thrive within the financial services industry and surround himself with industry leaders. He began to value personal growth experiences available to those who get involved. Adam rooted himself as part of Huron’s Student Council while in school.  He became very involved with Sigma Chi, a fraternity that champions the development of a culture where minorities are included and respected.  To this day, diversity of backgrounds and thought are what Adam believes are extremely valuable elements of any successful team and business.

Adam draws on his experiences growing up in Canada, beginning his career when he attended career fairs at Western.  Adam met representatives from Barclays, a global asset management firm, and he quickly developed a relationship with the Canadian-based hiring committee. He successfully interviewed for an Associate position with Barclays Global, and rocketed toward success.  Adam was sent to New York later with Credit Suisse to help the Investment Banking Division build a Canadian Equity Trading business based out of Manhattan.

The relationships Adam developed at Huron remained valuable, and during his time at Credit Suisse he reached out to alumni from Toronto who told him that he would be a great fit at Google.  Within months, Adam quickly transitioned into an exciting new role as an Analyst at Google Canada – where the CEO at the time was also a Huron alumni and, to this day, is a mentor to Adam.

Google hires people from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those who specialize in the Liberal Arts.  The company recognizes and encourages diversity. “At Google, when recruiting, I look for diversity of thought and skill.  It helps you achieve results beyond those you set forth for,” Adam explains. “At Huron, you share classrooms with upper year students and your professors who are genuinely interested in your learning, which creates a diverse environment that challenges you and helps you grow as a person. My experiences at Huron were invaluable. They prepared me for a successful career, continually growing as a professional and as a human.”