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Huron develops unique pledge, the Huron Promise, to formalize students’ commitment to excellence in character and leadership 

Jon Munn, Director, Marketing & Communications
Aug 20 2019

Huron University College has implemented a unique student pledge, referred to as “The Huron Promise,” to further its mission of developing Leaders with Heart. This pledge, which will be signed by all incoming students, adheres students to a commitment to Huron’s inclusive, welcoming and character-oriented community.

After Huron’s President, Dr. Barry Craig, joined Huron in July 2016, he launched Huron’s new vision of developing students to be Leaders with Heart. Huron’s unique mission focuses not only on fostering academic achievement, but also on developing students’ character and capacity for constructive civic engagement.

“The Huron Promise is a testament to our dedication to combine the academic and intellectual capabilities, built through a Liberal Arts degree, with core values, inclusive of compassion, empathy and selflessness,” says Dr. Craig. “Our educational model enables us to develop graduates who possess the key competencies and knowledge for the type of principled leadership the current state of our world demands.”

The pledge, which extends beyond the dictates of a typical university’s code of conduct, commits students to conducting themselves in such a way as to demonstrate respect and dignity for others, as well as operate with honesty and integrity – at all times. As the Promise reads, “students commit to placing ‘personal integrity and respect and compassion for others at the core of [their] endeavors.” While the document itself is short and simple, it speaks to Huron’s overarching and multifold approach to redefining Liberal Arts education in Canada. The Huron Promise will serve to remind students how they should conduct themselves and behave during their time at Huron, in turn, creating a positive and thriving community for all.

Every Huron student is called to volunteer in the community during the course of their studies. They do not receive credit for these activities, nor are they paid. They undertake them solely to develop their capacities for empathy and leadership. “Huron is committed to creating a culture that cultivates humility, open-mindedness and students’ willingness to serve their local and global communities,” Dr. Geoff Read, VP, Academic and Dean, Faculty Arts and Social Science says. “This pledge further reiterates our determination to encourage students to think about the people, cultures and environments around them because we cannot hope to create a better world if we choose only to focus on ourselves.”

Huron’s unique challenge to students to become Leaders with Heart is already gaining immense traction across Canada and around the globe. Applications to Huron have more than doubled in the past two years. In September 2019, Huron will welcome its largest ever and most diverse incoming class. Huron’s faculty and staff look forward to supporting these students to embody the Huron Promise, as well as go on to inspire others to do the same – regardless of where their personal and professional development leads them.