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New Huron student, Nhial Deng, exemplifies Leadership with Heart within the Kakuma Refugee Camp

May 14 2021

Huron is proud to share Nhial’s story & celebrate his resiliency with a full scholarship to our university

Huron learned of Nhial through Joan Liu and Niki Dinsdale of the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA). They brought us the story of young man involved with Refugee Youth Peace Ambassadors, an initiative aimed at empowering young refugees in Kakuma. Nhial, who is currently living as a refugee there, has experienced firsthand the significant challenges presented by civil war. His volunteer work aims to help other young people live with dignity and gain access to the kinds of necessities that enhance their quality of life.

The good this young man is achieving has already begun to gain recognition within humanitarian organizations around the world. In honour of Nhial’s advocacy, he was chosen to speak at UNHCR’s High Commissioner’s Dialogue on Protection Challenges. Last year, he was selected by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an Enterprise for Peace Ambassador.

In an effort to bring further awareness to Nhial’s unwavering selflessness in the face of adversity, we hope to share his story as broadly as possible. More than that, to ensure Nhial can further build upon his leadership potential, our President, Dr. Barry Craig, was thrilled to welcome him to Huron to pursue his education, supported by a full scholarship. Experience the happy news!

Please join us in welcoming Nhial into our community. We urge you to share his story, so together, we may applaud his efforts and inspire others to follow his example of Leadership with Heart within their own communities – near and far.


A special thanks to Joan Liu, Niki Dinsdale of UWCSEA, Alan Davidson of KenSAP, Buay Tut of the RnR Foundation and Amala Education for being advocates for Nhial and other students aspiring for higher education worldwide.