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Huron partners with CityStudio London, as a founding partner

Jon Munn, Director, Marketing and Communications
Sep 14 2019

Huron is excited to announce our partnership with CityStudio London, a civic innovation and city-campus collaboration in London, Ontario with the City of London.

CityStudio London, led by Pillar Nonprofit Network in collaboration with educational institutions around London and the City of London, is the eighth CityStudio to launch in Canada.

“Huron is delighted to be one of the founding members of CityStudio London and to provide opportunities for Huron students to gain practical experience working on relevant and current city projects,” Sarah Noad, Associate Vice-President of Community Partnerships says. “Students will gain new skills, make connections and contribute to creating a better city.”

Together, students and staff will co-design experimental projects that contribute to key strategic goals and priorities in the city in an effort to advance sustainability, increase engagement and make the city more livable.

The model sees projects proposed by city staff matched with faculty members offering courses in a variety of disciplinary areas, and addressed by students as part of their regular coursework. A final showcase provides the opportunity for students to present their solutions to city staff.

The Huron courses and matched city projects include:
Course: Developmental Psychology: Basic Principles
City Project: Post Parks and Paths Projects Impact Survey

Course: Project Management
City Project: Community Improvement Plan Metrics and Targets (pedestrian counts, vacancy rates, business types).

Course: Engaging with the past: Practicing active history
City Project: Historic Reenactment Plan for Downtown

Course: Seminar in Global Studies
City Project: Project TBD

Course: Introduction to governance/cities in the federation
City Project: Park and Paths Neighborhood Opposition Strategies, YIMBY (Yes, In My Backyard)

Huron will work with CityStudio London to increase the problem-solving capacity of city staff by leveraging the skills, knowledge and creativity of our students and faculty by partnering with real-time projects the City of London has positioned to this initiative.

As a founding academic partner of CityStudio London, Huron will be a key supporter and funder of this partnership. Roughly 160 students, six faculty and staff will be involved. Huron is pleased this unique experiential-learning opportunity will directly connect real-life problems or issues within the City of London and will give the opportunity for students to solve urban challenges and gain valuable employment skills.

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