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Master of Arts (Theology)

Mahdieh Mirmohammadi
Master of Arts (Theology)
I really loved the faculty and staff at Huron and will always be grateful for their positive influence on my personal and academic life.

Before Mahdieh Mirmohammadi immigrated from Iran, she searched for a Canadian university that aligned with her areas of interest, which combine philosophy, theology and religion. She was delighted when she discovered Huron – one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious theological institutions. 

Mahdieh was accepted into Huron to pursue her Master of Arts (Theology), a research-intensive program, which prepares students for doctoral studies through challenging theological investigations, supported by internationally-renowned experts in a diverse array of interdisciplinary fields. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed Huron’s program because it offers, what I believe is, authentic theology,” Mahdieh shares. “To me, that means engaging in discussions and asking difficult questions about the deeper meanings behind the principles that define this enlightening area of study.” 

The flexibility and personalization of the programming, made possible by Huron’s strategically-small and close-knit campus, empowered Mahdieh to customize her studies. She worked closely with Huron’s Acting Dean, Dr. Dan Smith, to cultivate her passion for philosophy through three independent courses. In addition to Dr. Smith’s guidance, Mahdieh also fondly recalls the attentiveness, respectfulness and compassion shown to her by Dr. Todd Townshend and the Faculty Assistant, Sandra Rice.

“I really loved the faculty and staff at Huron and will always be grateful for their positive influence on my personal and academic life.” Mahdieh explains. “Their kindness makes you feel so warmly welcomed, and Huron becomes a home away from home.”

Mahdieh successfully pursued her thesis during her two years at the founding institution of Western University, and she is now looking forward to pursuing graduate studies within the United States or Britain. Because she was so well cared for by her professors, during the completion of her masters, she feels confident they will continue to help guide and support her as she takes this next step on her educational journey.

“My experiences with Huron’s Theology Program were bittersweet because I thoroughly enjoyed the learning environment created by these amazing individuals,” But, that means, I was very sad to say goodbye to them and will miss these people who really became like my family.”