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Assistant Professor, English and Cultural Studies

John Vanderheide, PhD
Assistant Professor, English and Cultural Studies
519.438.7224 ext. 607
My teaching aims to explore the meaning and purpose of human culture, through a close study of historical and contemporary cultural forms, in both traditional and contemporary media

From my point of view, the intentional smallness of Huron University College allows for an unparalleled undergraduate experience. Firstly, Huron’s small size allows students to form beneficial and fulfilling social networks with their peers much more easily. Secondly, it also allows students to form more valuable relationships with all of the professors in their program. Huron’s small size allows professors to support their students in myriad ways: for example, in intensive classroom and community-based learning experiences, in exciting research opportunities such as CURL, and in detailed letters of recommendation and other networking opportunities for graduates.   

Summary of Research:

  • Contemporary Literary and Cultural Theory 
    • Frankfurt School Critical Theory
    • Deleuze Studies
    • Affect Theory
    • Ecocriticism  
  • American, British and European Modernism 
  • Cormac McCarthy Studies
  • Forms, Modes and Genres of Comedy   
  • Popular Music Studies from the twentieth century to the present  

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