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Inspiring Spaces

Don’t just imagine a better future, build it. The shovels are in the ground, so there’s no time to waste. Right now, you have the chance to contribute to one of Huron’s largest-ever construction projects – a new 40,000 square foot Academic Building, located on Western Road – one of our city’s busiest streets.

This eye-catching building, which will house a 450-seat theatre, Student Activity Centre and several working and learning spaces, will be situated across from one of our country’s largest research universities and the home of internationally-renowned philanthropists and business moguls.

During community events, this innovative venue will play host to Leaders with Heart, from around-the-world, who will help our students recognize the importance of acting in ways that align with the best interests of others, the environment and our world more broadly.

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Explore the learning spaces Huron is building

Learning & Meeting Spaces
Classrooms & Seminar Rooms
Student Activity Centre
Performance Theatre
Welcome Centre

We need your help to ensure our professors and administrators have access to comfortable, collaborative and private working areas that fully support the leadership and mentorship potential of our university. 

The new Heart of Huron will contain several offices where our faculty and administration will work continuously to enhance the level of education we're able to provide to our students.

These new spaces will be essential for Huron's ability to attract international champions of Leadership with Heart who will bring best practices and global perspectives to our campus. 

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One of Huron’s most distinct advantages is our determination to remain strategically small to ensure we are able to cater to the unique needs of our students. We offer students resources akin to our much larger educational counterparts - except ours are spread across a much smaller student body.

In order to maintain this commitment, while also catering to our rapidly increasing enrolment rates, we need your support to build more classroom and seminar spaces where students will be able to directly engage with their peers and professors in intimate learning environments.

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Enhance the student experience by building a new Student Activity Centre, Welcome Centre and bright open spaces where students will create meaningful connections with their peers and professors. 

Student Activity Centre


Support the creation of a 450-seat theatre. This will be Huron's first-ever purpose built stage where our talented students will perform. This space will also play host to influential global leaders who will diversify our students' perspectives and encourage them to recognize the importance of conducting themselves with integrity, compassion and a dedication to fostering inclusivity and fairness. 

Name your theatre seat 


First impressions matter and, right now, wayfinding at Huron presents challenges to the young leaders who visit our school from more than 31 countries. With your support, we will create a Welcome Centre – within our new 40,000 square foot academic building - that truly emulates our vibrant and inclusive mission.

The Welcome Centre will also be the place where community members, who join us for civic engagement initiatives and performances, first interact with the friendly faces that make up our unique post-secondary landscape. This centre will be easily identifiable as the place to get important information about where to go – regardless of the purpose of your visit. It will also set a positive tone for all potential Leaders with Heart who are trying to determine whether or not Canada’s only character-based education is right for them.

 Welcome Centre 


One of our first unique campaign opportunities

Theatre chair


Thank you for showing your support for Huron and taking the opportunity to etch your name in Huron’s history.

When you designate a gift of $1,200 to this part of the Heart of Huron campaign, you will have a named seat with an engraved gold-plated plaque to adorn one of our Huron Red seats.



  • Some of the best memories I made at Huron were created within the Student Activity Centre because it’s an integral part of the student experience here.
    Jesse Zender
    Huron Student
  • Huron is creating new infrastructure and refreshing existing campus learning and social spaces, which is important for both attracting and retaining the types of students that are going to contribute significantly to our university’s legacy of excellence in leadership.
    Rick Lucas
    Lucas Alumni House
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  • Huron lifted me up to a life of much broader human experience and helped me create a network of extraordinary friends and relationships. It transformed how I communicate and understand the world, and my hope is that every student gets to be a part of those types of transformative experiences.
    Alfred Apps
    Class of ’79
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Our progress

We look forward to sharing the progress of our building campaign with you. This is important to us not only so you know what your generosity is helping us achieve, but so we may also have the opportunity to sincerely thank the community members who stood behind Huron as we pushed our mission forward.

We hope you’ll continue to check back to see and share our photos, updates and acknowledgements of our Heart of Huron donors. Help us keep the momentum of this campaign going, so we can all celebrate the completion of Huron’s largest-ever campaign for our Leaders with Heart.

Key Contacts

Meaghan Blight

VP, University Growth
519.438.7224 ext. 271

Tara Downey

AVP, Advancement
519.438.7224 ext. 886
Lucas Alumni House, 2nd Floor