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Hebrew Course Placement Form

To ensure you have applied for the Hebrew course, please complete this form below.

If you are having difficulty accessing the form below, please use the PDF version of the Hebrew Course Placement form and email it to hebrew@uwo.ca, or mail to Huron at Western, 1349 Western Rd, London, ON N6G 1H3. 

Hebrew Course Placement Form

Unit of Registration (Choose one):

1. Have you ever studied Hebrew before (whether formally or informally)?
a. In a Hebrew Day School:
b. Through a heritage program, Jewish afternoon school or Sunday school program.
c. In an Ulpan or other language institute.
d. In elementary or high school in Israel:
3. Have you ever visited Israel or lived there?
4. Is Hebrew spoken in your home?

I have read the terms and conditions stated above, and I accept them.