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Provost and Dean of Arts and Social Science

Geoff Read, PhD
Provost and Dean of Arts and Social Science
519.438.7224 ext. 267
My goal when I teach is to transform how my students think. In particular, I want students to recognize the importance of historical context to understanding the contemporary world

Huron provides a unique combination of a research and inquiry-driven elite liberal arts education in an intimate and caring community. Getting to know your professors personally provides many advantages. When I write a student a reference letter, for example, I discuss that student's strengths in much more depth than could a professor from a larger institution. This explains the high rates of success our students have applying for scholarships and graduate programs (to say nothing of their exemplary post-graduate careers!)

Summary of Research:

  • My main specialization is the French Third Republic and its Empire (1870-1940)
  • My main project is on masculinities in France and the Empire (1870-1940)
  • I am also working on a micro-history about Vietnamese convict in the 1860s and 1870s
  • I am researching the experiences of East Indian indentured labourers en route to the French Antilles in the mid to late nineteenth century
  • Past work has focused on gender and politics in interwar France (1918-1940)
  • I have published with Todd Webb on the construction of the Canadian Métis identity in the trans-Atlantic press from 1869 to 1885

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