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Leadership with Heart

Established in 1863, Huron is the founding institution of Western University and one of Canada’s oldest universities. Our distinctive business, liberal arts and ethics-based learning environments offer elite yet accessible education where personalized learning experiences position students for leadership and professional success, while also developing their character.

Huron is completely unique to post-secondary institutions in Canada. We recognize the best way for students to learn is through one-on-one mentorship provided by world-renowned professors, who take the time to understand how they can support your life’s ambitions. Our small class sizes enable these types of environments by ensuring our faculty members are able to concentrate on each individual student – and nurture their unique gifts.

In addition to cultivating an exclusive and prestigious small-knit community, Huron’s buildings and residences are located in the heart of Western University’s campus. That means, Huron students also have full access to all the resources, recreational activities and athletic facilities of the wider campus. Plus, when you graduate, you will receive a Western University degree – with a much-deserved Huron distinction.

We know the world is hungry for principled leaders who have the integrity to solve problems with wisdom and justice. This is why, at Huron, our commitment to educating Leaders with Heart is woven into every aspect of our academics, social community and student life. We are the only university in Canada committed to ensuring each & every student experiences the value of civic engagement through community-based learning, volunteer activities, research and travel study.

From guaranteed paid internships for every single student through to personalized one-on-one academic and career development support, Huron will help position you for the attainment of professional prestige and a rewarding philanthropic and personal life. Learn more about why Huron, Ontario – and Canada more broadly – are the best possible choices for your international learning experiences.


Overarching stats statements

Its all about you

The Huron Experience is truly one-of-a-kind.  While most universities take in thousands of students every year, Huron selectively limits our annual incoming cohort to around 500 students each year. Even though we keep our community strategically small, we ensure they are truly representative of our global community, and we welcome exceptional young leaders from dozens of countries all over the world to our campus each year. This means, the average number of students in your classes will be 30 rather than 300, 500 or 800 like most other undergraduate programs. Plus, our staff to student ratio is double the national average. For us, the quality of your experience will always be more important than merely increasingly the quantity of our students.

Why do we do this? Because it’s all about you. At Huron, you can expect a premium undergraduate experience. Our staff and faculty will know your name, not just your student number. We will know your story and are personally invested in making sure you achieve your goals and maximize your potential.

Build the degree that's right for you

Pursue your passions: dive deep into a subject specialization of your choice or explore a breadth of academic areas by combining subjects within highly-customizable majors and minors. We know diverse and balanced course offerings endow our students with transferrable skills, which will best prepare them for the modern job market. At Huron, you can also take courses and combine majors with most programs at other faculties at Western University, such as computer science, health science, biology, criminology and much more.

Click on the boxes below to learn more about each program.

Ivey and Harvard


  • Studying at Huron was a turning point for me: it opened up my mind and provided me with a global vision, which gave me the confidence to set up the bridge between China and the Western world.
    Jiaqi Nie
    Overcoming the odds from China to Canada to Cambridge
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  • Huron's small size classes provided me with more opportunities to get involved in class activities, and to talk to classmates and professors.
    Yi Huang
    BA '17, Honors Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies, Accounting
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  • Huron gave me competence academically and socially. My education taught me how to communicate with people from all walks of life, including those in positions of authority.
    Taylor Harris
    From Huron to Cambridge
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  • We believe society is crying out at this exact point in history for students who are called to lead – but to lead with a heart and a conscience.
    Dr. Barry Craig
    President at Huron
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  • Huron students are motivated by our Liberal Arts perspectives, and we're going to take them in different directions to create a better world.
    Annika Lui
    Venture for Canada Fellow
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  • Huron was not an easy set of years for me – I had to work really hard. I only saw results when I put in the time, and Huron taught me the importance of putting in that time.
    Adam Deif, BA'04
    Head of Industry, Google
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Guaranteed Paid Internships For All Students

Paid Internships: At Huron, every single student is guaranteed a paid internship, so you will get to connect your learning with workplace experience, and earn while your learn. 

Entry-level work positions no longer require entry-level experience. To secure a job right after graduation, you need to show employers you’re capable of contributing significant value to your workplace.

At Huron’s Career Development Centre, you will work one-on-one with your advisor to find the right fit for your paid internship. Your personal Career Development team member will help connect you with a position that sparks your curiosity and nurtures your interests, while providing you with experiences to add to your resume. Huron has an extensive group of esteemed alumni who are leading industries, around the world, and are eager to give back by providing our students with internship and career opportunities. This, along with our strategically selective campus, means you’re not competing with hundreds of students for internship positions so Huron students always have a better chance to secure a meaningful experience.

WealthSimple (Toronto, ON) | United Nations (Geneva, Switzerland) | London Economic Development Corporation (London, ON) | Agha Khan University Hospital Foundation (Nairobi, Kenya) | 3M Canada (London, ON) | Deloitte (Toronto, ON) | Ernst & Young (London, ON) | KPMG (Toronto, ON) | HSBC Bank (London, UK) | Clearbit (San Francisco, USA) | Government of Canada (Ottawa) | Bank of Montreal (Toronto, ON) 



Student Life - Beyond the Classroom

Hear from our current students

Research: Investigate Topics That Fascinate You


With our excellent professor-to-student ratio, our students work in close partnership with faculty on research projects of their own choosing, or faculty can include students in collaborative research initiatives, conferences and publications. These elite experiences help students build an impressive portfolio, positioning our Leaders with Heart for success in post-graduate studies and the vocations of their choice. In-course projects and research mentorships with faculty are offered in almost every department. Huron’s Centre for Undergraduate Research Learning (CURL) brings together students, faculty, staff and community partners to support highly engaging, immersive research experiences – locally and globally.

Huron students can publish their research in Liberated Arts, the university’s interdisciplinary journal for undergraduate research. The journal’s student editors also learn skills in academic publishing.


Research Investigate Topics

Huron Alumni: Developing Leaders with Heart for over 150 years

Alumni Roles and Titles

Huron Alumni, Michael Medline, is named Canada’s CEO of the Year by the Globe and Mail

Application Steps


Go to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) at Select “Undergrad 105” and follow the instructions on the website.

Huron programs are located within Western University on the website.  You only need to apply to a program once. Huron OUAC codes are: EHD = Management and Organizational Studies programs; EHO = Social Science programs; EHA = Arts programs.

If Huron is the only university in the province of Ontario that you are applying to, then disregard the instructions above and apply using one of the following links below instead. Then, proceed directly to Step 3:

September 2020 Internal Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) application

September 2020 Internal Social Science application

September 2020 Internal Arts application

STEP 2 – Activate your Huron Application Portal account

After you submit your application to Huron on OUAC’s website, you will receive an email with instructions to create a Huron Application Portal account. Please note that it may take 1 to 2 business days for us receive your application from the OUAC.

Huron Application Portal

STEP 3 – Upload Your Required Documents to your Huron Application Portal

Once your Huron Application Portal account is created, you must upload your transcripts, predicted results or whatever listed documents are required in order to complete your application.  If your documents are in a language other than English, they must be translated by a certified translator before being submitted.

STEP 4 – Confirm Your Attendance

If you receive an Offer of Admission to Huron, you will be notified by email immediately. To accept Huron’s Offer of Admission online, you need to have your OUAC reference number and PIN/password. Go to the OUAC site at

If you did not apply to Huron through the OUAC, simply log into your Huron Application Portal to accept your offer.

STEP 5 – Apply for Residence

If you are interested in living in one of our on-campus residences, you must submit your application including a residence deposit payment before June 1, 2020.

The application and instructions are available by clicking here.

Admission Requirements

Canadian Curriculum High Schools
Institution Codes
Chinese National Curriculum
British Columbia

Arts & Social Sciences

English 12
Three additional academic 12 courses

Management & Organizational Studies

English 12
Math 12, Pre-Calculus or Calculus
Two additional academic 12 courses

Acceptable Courses

Any Advanced Placement 12 (AP)
Any International Baccalaureate (IB) except TOK
Any Language 12
Biology 12
Calculus 12
Chemistry 12
Comparative Civilizations 12
Computer Programming 12
Computer Science 12
Computer Studies 12
Economics 12
English 12
English 12 First Peoples
English Language and Composition 12
English Literature 12
English Literature and Composition 12
First Nations Studies 12
Foundations of Math 12
Geography 12
Geology 12
History 12
Human Geography 12
Information Technology 12
Introduction to Calculus 12
Law 12
Physics 12
Pre-Calculus 12
Principles of Mathematics 12
Social Justice 12
Survey Mathematics 12


Arts & Social Sciences

English 30-1
Four additional academic 12 courses

Management & Organizational Studies

English 30-1
Math 12, Pre-Calculus or Calculus
Three additional academic 12 courses numbered 30, 30-1, or 31.

Acceptable Courses

Aboriginal Studies 30
Any Advanced Placement 30 (AP)
Any International Baccalaureate (IB) except TOK
Any Language 30
Any Language 30-3Y
Any Language 30-6Y
Any Language 35
Biology 30
Chemistry 30
English 30-1
English 35
Foundations of Math 30
French Language Arts 30-1
Inuktitut Studies 35
Macroeconomics 30
Microeconomics 30
Math 30-1
Math 30-2
Math 31
Physics 30
Physics 35
Pure Math 30
Science 30
Social Studies 30-1
Western World History 30
World Geography 30


Arts & Social Sciences

Five additional 12U/M level courses

Management & Organizational Studies

Two 12U Math (MDM4U, MFH4U, MCV4U)

Three additional 12U/M level courses

Nova Scotia

Arts & Social Sciences

English 30-1
Four additional academic 12 courses

Management & Organizational Studies

English 30-1
Math 12, Pre-Calculus or Calculus
Three additional academic 12 courses numbered 30, 30-1, or 31.

Acceptable Courses

Any Advanced Placement 12 (AP)
Any International Baccalaureate (IB) except TOK
Any Language 12
Biology 12
Calculus 12
Canadian Literature 12
Chemistry 12
Computer Related Studies 12
Computer Science 12
Economics 12
English 12
Études Planétaire Global 12
Geology 12
Geography 12
Global Geography 12
Global History 12
Global Politics 12
History 12
Mathematics 12
Pre-Calculus 12
Physics 12
Statistics 12
Acceptable Options
Canadian Law 12
Environmental Systems 12
Law/Droit 12
Modern World Problems 12
Music 12
Music Theory 12
Political Science 12
Sociology 12
Philosophy 12

New Brunswick

Arts & Social Sciences

English 121 or 122
Four additional academic 12 courses

Management & Organizational Studies

English 121 or 122
Math 12, Pre-Calculus or Calculus
Three additional academic 12 courses

Acceptable Courses

Advanced Math with Introduction to Calculus 120
Any Advanced Placement 120 (AP)
Any International Baccalaureate (IB) except TOK
Any Language 12_
Biology 120 or 122
Calculus 120
Canadian Geography 120
Canadian History 121 or 122
Canadian Literature 120
Chemistry 121 or 122
Computer Science 122
Economics 120
English 121 or 122
Foundations of Math 120
Geography 120
Geometry 121
Information Technology 121
Mathematics 121 or 122
Native Studies 120
Physics 121 or 122
Pre-Calculus A 120
Pre-Calculus B 120
Science 122
Statistics 120
Trig & Space 121
Acceptable Options
Environmental Science 122
Law 120
Music 120
Political Science 120
Sociology 120
World Issues 120


All offers of admission to Huron require:

  • Successful completion of High School Diploma requirements.
  • Grade 12 Academic English and any other stated prerequisite courses.
  • Language proficiency (if required).
  • Maintaining a minimum final average as stated in admission offer letter.

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May 15, 2019

  • Deadline to apply for Fall 2019 (recommended).


Fall Start

Winter Start

  • Complete your application directly to Huron University.

September 2019, Arts:

September 2019, Social Science: Apply

September 2019, Management and Organizational Studies:

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

It is the responsibility of the student to send the IB Diploma scores directly to the Admissions Office at Huron University.

  • IB Diploma with a minimum of six subjects (including a minimum of three at the higher level)
  • Transfer credit to be considered on a case-by-case basis for students presenting grades of 5 or higher on higher level (HL) subjects.
  • For our Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) program, one of the following subjects are required as a prerequisite: Math Studies, Math SL or Math HL
  • Applicants from an IB Diploma program may be considered for conditional admission on the basis of predicted grades for higher and standard level subjects including points awarded for Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and the Extended Essay in the final year of the program.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

AP applicants must present the official College Board examination results to be considered for advanced standing credit.

Final grade of 4 or 5 is required to grant credit.

Huron University will grant a maximum of two credits.

Our Institution Code is 0984.

General Certificate of Education (GCE)

  • Applicants seeking admission on the basis of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) must submit three distinct Advanced Level (A-Level) or four distinct Advanced Subsidiary (AS-Level) subjects . Two AS-Level exams will be considered as equivalent to one A-Level exam.
  • Students who receive a ‘B’ grade or higher on final GCE A-Level exams will receive transfer credit for those courses approved by the appropriate faculty.
  • Applicants may be considered for conditional admission on the basis of predicted results while in progress in the GCE Advanced Level/Advanced Subsidiary Level courses.  Predicted results and final O-Level /IGSE/ GCSE results must be submitted directly to Huron from the institution(s) attended.







Senior Secondary Matriculation

  1. Academic transcript of Senior Secondary indicating all subjects taken and grades earned.  Applicants may be considered for conditional admission on the basis of mid-year/mid-term results.  Mid-year results and a secondary school transcript must be submitted directly to Huron from the institutions attended.  If you are issued a conditional offer of admission, you will be required to have your final official academic transcript, Graduation Examinations, and University Entrance Examinations sent to Huron directly from the proper issuing authority.
  2. Senior Secondary Graduation Diploma
  3. General Education Examination results (Graduation Exams/ Hui Kao/Xuéyé Shuiping Cèshi/Academic Proficiency Test).  For provinces that do not administer or are exempt from taking the general education examinations, a letter from your Senior Secondary verifying the schools and/or provinces examination policy is required.
  4. Chinese University Entrance Examination (NCEE / Gao Kao) . Proof of English language proficiency. Please review Huron’s English language proficiency requirements.

Program Prerequisites:
Arts and Social Science: NO COURSE PREREQUISITES

Management and Organizational Studies: Senior Level Math


Helpful Hints

Am I receiving the degree from Western?

Yes. You will receive a Western University degree with a distinction from our university.

Can I get into IVEY without AEO?

You will be able to apply to Ivey after you finish the first two years at Huron. For more information, click here for the Ivey brochure.

Can I pick up courses at main campus?

Yes. Being a Huron student, you are a 100% Western student as well. Every year, you will be able to choose up to 2.0 credit courses that Huron doesn’t offer at main campus or the two Western affiliates. To learn detailed rules, please contact academic advisor:

Are the student societies, events, and clubs on main campus open to Huron students?

You have full access to Western’s course offerings, club, teams and facilities, while being able to call a more tight-knit and inclusive community home.

If my IELTS/TOEFL score does not meet the admission requirement for direct entry, should I apply to a separate language program?

No, you don’t need to apply to a language program separately. Upload your IELTS/TOEFL score to your Huron Application Portal and we will automatically you place you in the appropriate language program with our language pathway partner.

Do I need to apply to both MOS and Social Science program?

You only need to apply to a program once. For example, if you’re interested in both Accounting as well as Finance & Administration, only apply once to the Management and Organizational Studies program. To learn more about the programs that we offer, please please click here to check the program list.

How to accept an offer?

You will receive an email after we make an admission decision. Then you can log in to your OUAC account to accept the offer. It may take 1 to 3 business days for the offer to appear on OUAC.

Do I need to apply for an internship opportunity?

Yes. All students need to meet with the career coordinator to have a career development plan that based on your interests. You will need to submit your resume to apply for an internship. Please check here to learn more: Career Development

What can I get from HBX program?

Harvard Business School Online (Harvard) provides students from all backgrounds with a chance to gain the fundamentals of business thinking. The online program will enable Huron students to contribute to business discussions and decision-making, whether you’re looking to advance your career, considering graduate school, or exploring new career paths.

Like Huron, Harvard is driven by interactive peer-to-peer engagement and committed to student success. Harvard has designed a virtual learning environment where Huron students can collaborate with other students and a diverse group of professionals from all over the world.

This program was developed by Harvard faculty members to instill a deep understanding of essential business concepts and problem-solving skills. Mastering the three courses—Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting—will give you fluency you need to succeed in today’s workplace.

You will also make connections to peers in the same cohort all over the world, and receive a certificate from Harvard Business School after finish the program successfully.

Key Contacts

Moustafa Ezz

Associate Vice President, Recruitment and International Relations
Apps 118