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Our faculty refuse to be complacent. 

They are constantly searching for new ways to inspire our students to tackle the injustices that are compromising the quality of life around the world. That’s why we need to ensure they have office environments conducive to addressing students’ learning needs. Currently, many Huron professors work in make-do spaces shared with multiple other faculty members. This means they may need to schedule office hours around one others’ schedules and move to other areas of the university when student needs require it.

By supporting these improvements to our infrastructure, you will also enhance Huron’s ability to attract the most superior academics in their fields, furthering our university’s legacy of world-renowned educational experiences. 

In the spirit of being as accessible as possible to our students and our broader community, the Heart of Huron will also contain a number of new offices for our leadership team. From helping to raise money to improve upon the tangible and intangible aspects of our university, to creating new programs to enhance the student experience, it's essential our leadership team is in the centre of the flourishing activity, so they can remain tapped into what our Leaders with Heart need to flourish.

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