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Wen-Do Women's Self-Defence course

Jan 18th - Jan 19th
10:00am - 5:00pm

Wen-Do Is the longest running Women’s Self Defence organization in Canada, taught by women.  The 15 hour Basic course covers a wide variety of physical and verbal self-defence techniques, awareness and avoidance of threatening situations, and discussions of psychological, social and legal issues involved in self-defence. Physical techniques are designed to be effective against larger, physically stronger attackers.  Women do not need to be physically fit to learn Wen-Do; they teach women to use their bodies as they are, and the instructors are trained to offer alternative techniques and strategies to women with physical limitations or disabilities.  

Their feminist, anti-racist, anti-oppression values and analysis continue to develop and underlie all of their classes.  Today they are inclusive of transgender women and women and girls of all abilities.  They work in every class to debunk victim blaming, racist, oppressive internal and external messages that women are often exposed to.  They celebrate women’s resilience, strength, and determination.

This event runs from Saturday January 18, 10-5pm through to Sunday January 19, 10-5pm.  Attendance for both days is mandatory. 

Registration - https://huron.jotform.com/200055398735963

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