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Mindfulness Ambassador Program

Feb 6th
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Wellness Centre

The Mindfulness Ambassador Program is being offered through Mindfulness without Borders, CMHA-Middlesex and Huron Wellness. The program offers students a forum to meet face to face and learn about constructive ways for addressing personal, social and community challenges. At the heart of the program are basic mindfulness practices that help individuals access the wisdom within themselves and within the group. The Mindfulness Ambassador program draws from the practice and insights of the Ojai Foundation, a leading expert in the field. 

The Mindfulness Ambassador Program is for those students who care to connect, dare to rise above and seek to be more. Participants are encouraged to speak from the heart, ask questions to discover their fullest potential, and explore possibilities that lead to a culture of mutual respect, collaboration and ethical concern for each other and the world. Students will also learn social and emotional competencies related to self-awareness and self-management.

Snacks will be provided.

This is a 6 week program (not including reading week).

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