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Holy Week in Huron Chapel

Apr 14th - Apr 21st
11:00am - 12:00pm
Huron Chapel

Palm Sunday, April 14th, 11.00 AM.     Holy Communion.  No donkey, but we shall bless and distribute palms.   Small student choir.
Monday April 15th, Tuesday April 16th, Wednesday April 17th & Thursday April 18th @ 9.30 AM each day.
Simple.  Said.  Quiet.  Contemplative.  The Chaplain will read the Holy Communion Service including the specific ancient Passion Gospel set for each day in Holy Week - 45 minutes.
Good Friday,  3.00 - 4.30 PM
At a time on Good Friday when most students, faculty and staff will have already worshipped earlier in the day in their regular cathedrals and churches, we invite you to gather again as the Huron community. Very brief reflections by the Chaplain on the Seven Last Words from the Cross, accompanied by chorales from Bach’s Saint Matthew Passion.  J.S. Bach’s masterpiece is a sublime & beautiful musical commentary on the Passion of Christ according to Saint Matthew. Bach’s music is celebrated and appreciated by all persons regardless of faith, or lack of.  All very welcome – the message and music speak only of Love. 
Easter Sunday - 11 AM
Although we might be the smallest congregation in London to gather on this most important day of the Christian Year, we sincerely invite you join us!