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The EAAA, or Flip the Script™ program

Sep 21st
11:00am - 5:30pm

The EAAA, or Flip the Script™ program is a 12-hour sexual assault resistance education program for university-aged women. It is delivered in small groups of about 15-20 and is run over the course of one weekend.

With the Flip the Script™ program we take the position that it is never a woman’s fault if someone tries to assault her – responsibility falls entirely on the person who chose to be sexually coercive. In an ideal world, we would know who these sexually coercive people are and just be able to avoid them. Unfortunately, we often don’t know who they are, and more times than not, the people who try to coerce or attack us are people we wouldn’t have expected – for example, our boyfriend, cousin, co-worker, or friend.

We know that many women will be exposed to at least one sexually coercive person in their lives, and we believe that if someone tries to coerce or hurt them, that women have the right to resist and fight back. Flip the Script helps develop our skill set for resisting sexual violence, by helping us become attuned to risk, by helping us learn to overcome barriers that make it difficult for us to resist when someone is being coercive, and by teaching a range of verbal and physical strategies for keeping us safe if someone is trying to hurt us.

At Huron, we will offer this amazing workshop on Sept 21 and 22 from 11:00 – 5:30pm, in W18.  

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