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China Day

Mar 4th
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Kingsmill Room

3rd Annual Huron Chinese Program Undergraduate Student Conference Call for Abstracts

The Huron Chinese Program Undergraduate Student Conference aims to bring together undergraduate students across campuses to present their course work or research work related to the study of China. We welcome papers (in either English or Chinese) that address China-related issues, in areas such as literary and cultural expression, film and popular entertainment, business conceptions and practices, or social and political changes. Papers will be read at the conference and all presentations should be limited to 10 minutes. (The suggested length of the paper is 4 to 6 pages).

Please send an abstract (not the complete paper) by email to chinese@uwo.ca by January 20, 2020. In the abstract, please clearly state the subject, the methodology and the thesis (the main argument) of your paper. The maximum length for an English abstract is 300 words and for a Chinese abstract, 350 characters. Along with the abstract, please also provide your contact information, including last name, first name, academic affiliation (e.g., Department, Faculty, University/College), and UWO email address. 

The organizing committee of the conference will carefully review and evaluate the abstracts. All submitters will receive a decision via email.