fbpx Dr. Jennifer Mustapha gives a critical analysis of the "War on Terror" in Southeast Asia after 9/11 | Huron University


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Jennifer Mustapha, PhD, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Writing Southeast Asian Security, Regional Security and the War on Terror after 9/11, 1st Edition

Dr. Jennifer Mustapha's latest book is a critical analysis of how the discursive and material practices of the "War on Terror" influenced security politics in Southeast Asia after 9/11.

It explores how the US-led War on Terror, operating both as a set of material practices and as a larger discursive framework for security, influenced the security of both state and non-state actors in Southeast Asia after 9/11. Building on the author’s own critical security studies approach, which demands a historically and geographically contingent method of empirically grounded critique, Writing Southeast Asian Security examines some of the unexpected effects that the discourses and practices of the War on Terror have had on the production of insecurity in the region. The cases presented here demonstrate that forms of insecurity were constructed and/or abetted by the War on Terror itself, and often occurred in concert with the practices of traditional state-centric security. This work thus contributes to a larger critical project of revealing the violence intrinsic to the pursuit of security by states, but also demonstrates pragmatic opportunities for a functioning politics of theorizing security.


Available to order in North America through their subsidiary, CRC publishing under Taylor and Francis