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2nd Year Management and Organizational Studies

I didn’t know if I would be able to attend Huron. I wanted to, and I worked hard to achieve the best grades possible, but I didn’t know if that would be enough. For my family and I, the dream of me attending university, even with a high academic standing, may still have not been enough. But thankfully, due to the kindness of strangers, all my hard work and my sacrifices were enough. I was enough.

To say I was thrilled beyond belief when I was awarded a Scholarship of Distinction doesn’t accurately reflect the celebrations that happened in my household when I received the news. (And coming from this diehard Toronto Raptors fan, that’s saying something!) I was going to be a Huron, Class of 2023 graduate and there was nothing but possibilities in my future.

I’m now in second year of my Management and Organizational Studies program and I’m loving every second of it. From our small classes to having meetings and mentorship opportunities with professionals, I know my goals of achieving a career in investment banking will come true. The kindness of strangers and the support of the Huron community has taught me that if you work hard enough and believe, somehow your goals will become reality.