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COVID-19 and Your Huron Application

We are closely monitoring school closures and exam cancellations which are affecting many students worldwide. We understand these circumstances are causing a great deal of anxiety with students questioning if they will still meet the entrance requirements for September.

We want to assure you that disruptions outside your control will not impact your application to Huron. If your curriculum is affected by exam cancellations, please take comfort in the fact that we will continue to assess applications and extend offers of admission based on academic and test results available.

Given the sudden nature of the announcements by various schools and examination boards, we appreciate your patience as we determine how admission will be finalized. We will offer as much flexibility as possible to avoid disruption in application processing and confirmation of final admission.

Updated information about COVID-19 and admission to Huron will be posted here as it emerges. We are here to support you during these challenging times. If you have any questions and would like to discuss your application, please contact your dedicated Admission Advisor.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Huron still processing applications?

    Yes. We continue to process applications based on the information we have. You can check your application status on your Huron Portal. If you have any questions about the status of your application, please contact your dedicated Admission Advisor.

  • I am an Ontario High School student, will the OUAC still send my grades?

    The OUAC is still processing grade information and the schedule of grades has not been delayed. May 5, 2020 is the target date for Ontario universities to receive second-semester midterm grades and interim grades for full-year courses from the OUAC. Grades the OUAC receives earlier than the deadline will be sent to Ontario universities when received.
  • My final exams have been cancelled. Will Huron cancel my Offer of Admission?

    If your final examinations have been cancelled, we will accept the alternative methods of assessment used by your school or examination board. Final admission and scholarships will be awarded based on the final grade information available. If the cancellation of exams and disruption in your studies have negatively impacted your final grades, please complete the Special Consideration form.

    - GCSE Students: Boards are investigating other assessment tools and will communicate with schools once final decisions have been made. The grades and qualifications that are awarded for this June series will carry the same value as grades and qualifications for any other series.

    - IB Students: IBO has announced that scores will be awarded using a revised assessment and scores will be released on schedule in July. Huron will not change the process of evaluation of transfer credits.

    - AP Exams: The College Board will be offering Advanced Placement exams online. Huron will accept the final exam result and award transfer credit based the score awarded.

  • In India, the final CBSE/ISC board examinations have been delayed. How will this impact my offer of admission?

    Conditional offers of admission are provided based on previous academic history and predicted grades. If the final CBSE/ISC exams are cancelled, Huron will confirm final admission based on exam results available and previous academic history.

  • My English Language Proficiency Test was cancelled and I am unsure if tests will be available in the near future, what can I do?

    Students affected by the suspension of language testing are now able to submit the DuoLingo English Test (DET) as a means to demonstrate competency. Students who meet the requirement for direct admission will be retested by Western English Language Centre upon arrival on campus if they are not able to provide another approved language test before September. Students who do not meet direct admission will be offered conditional admission based on the successful completion of our language program.

    TOFEL iBT offers a Special Home Edition test that is available to students in select countries. Students who meet the criteria for this test, should complete this assessment rather than DuoLingo.

  • I am worried about meeting the final grade requirement for admission and scholarship. The interruption to my school year, cancelled exams and the change to online learning is affecting my academics, is there a way I can express how COVID-19 has affected my final grades?

    Huron’s Special Consideration form provides an opportunity for you to share extenuating circumstances that have adversely affected your grades.
  • My school has decided to grade the second term as P/F. Will this affect my admission and scholarship?

    A change in your school’s grading process will not negatively impact your offer of admission. If your school provides a pass/fail assessment method, we will accept such grades and confirm admission and scholarship based on the grade information available.

  • Campus tours are currently not being offered. Does Huron have a virtual tour?

    Yes! Please visit huronatwestern.ca/tours to see Huron’s campus.
  • Is the start of term in September going to be affected?

    At this time, we are planning to start the fall term as scheduled. If students are not able to attend in September as a result of delays in visa processing or other circumstances, please contact Huron to discuss deferring your start date to January 2021. Currently, no extended school year plans have been announced for any high school or post-secondary students.

  • Will there be any changes to the Offer Response deadline?

    If you are not able to make a decision by the deadline stated in your Offer of Admission, please contact your Admission Advisor to request an extension.
  • Will there be any changes to payment deadlines?

    The first installment for international students is due August 1, 2020 and the first installment for domestic students is due on August 15, 2020. If you are not able to pay your tuition and fees by the deadline, please contact Alycia Armstrong, Coordinator, Student Accounts at amorga7@huron.uwo.ca

  • If I pay my tuition, student fees and residence fees but am not able to attend in September as a result of COVID-19, will I receive a refund?

    Yes. If you are not able to attend Huron as a result of COVID-19, you will be able to have any monies paid fully refunded.
  • Am I still able to apply for a Study Permit to Study in Canada? Or is Canada no longer accepting visa applications for international students?

    Study permit applications are still being accepted and reviewed by the Government of Canada. Please visit Canada’s Immigration website for information on how to apply.

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