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At Huron, our Career Development team will help you plan your future.  We help you gain the experiences and skills necessary for standing out in a competitive workforce.  Whether you are hoping to be employed directly after you graduate or make the transition into graduate school, our team is here to help you achieve your career goals! 

Student Opportunities


Internships are paid work-integrated learning opportunities that will provide you with experience to add to your resume or curriculum vitae.  At Huron, we work with our students to help you acquire a paid internship by the time you graduate.  

During the academic year (September - April), jobs are part-time, which usually consists of anywhere from 5-20 hours per week.  Internships available during the Summer (May-August) term can be either part-time or full-time depending on the nature of the position.

Career internships are available both on and off campus. Career internship are not-for-credit opportunities, which allow students to earn an income and gain work experience in an area you are interested in. If you need any support with choosing which opportunity is the best fit, please reach out to our Coordinator, Careers & Internships.

For example, read Inam’s experience working for WealthSimple and the London Economic Development Corporation.

Academic Internships are for-credit opportunities. Huron currently offers two types of academic internships.

Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) Internships are approved 8 – 16 month, full-time employment, which can occur anywhere across the globe. MOS students in their 3rd-year of study apply to this program and compete two to 4 work terms. This type of internship extends a student’s four-year degree to five years. To learn more about the application process for MOS Internships here.
Interdisciplinary Studies Internships are approved 4-month, full-time employment, which can occur anywhere across the globe. Student co-construct a personalized course outline with their faculty supervisor, while their on-side learning is monitored by an industry supervisor. To learn more about the prerequisites, please see this link

Research Internships are rare at most undergraduate institutions, yet are very common practice at Huron. Huron's Centre for Undergraduate Research Learning (CURL) was established to promote personalized student mentorship and research collaboration.  

Student Research Fellowships are a form of research internships, which are paid in the form of a $1,500 award. CURL Student Research Fellows conduct research in an area that interests themselves, while being mentored by a Huron faculty member. Want to apply? Check out the CURL page for more information. 

Read about Ruth’s project that examines community and individuals responses to Canada’s points-based immigration system, as well as the problem of inoperative foreign credentials here.

Research Assistants are students who work directly for Huron faculty members. Research Assistants experience first-hand what it is like to be part of a research study, particularly in one of Huron’s faculty mentor's area of research. 

Entrepreneurial Internships are offered in conjunction with the Small Business Centre. Interested students will prepare individual business plans in February and are expected to run their summer company from May to August.

Contact the Career Development Team to learn more about any of these internships! 

Britney Hunter, britney.hunter@huron.uwo.ca, 519.438.7224 ext. 196

Huron’s vision is to ensure that every student experiences the value of civic engagement through volunteer activities and service prior to graduating.

Volunteering provide students with the opportunity to learn by giving back to the community, furthering their development as Leaders with Heart. 

At Huron, volunteer experiences are unpaid opportunities where students donate their time to serve their community. These experiences provide valuable insights into the opportunities, strengths and needs of the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities can be short-term, long-term or project based. Students can work in areas suited to them. At Huron, we work one-on-one with students to help you get involved in an area of interest, on campus or in the community

1.  Campus Opportunities – include, but are not limited to:

  • Participation in clubs
  • Supporting campus events
  • Assisting with academic initiatives
  • Assisting with Student Council as Commissioners or Year Representative
  • Residence Council and its initiatives 
  • Assisting with departmental initiatives in a student leadership capacity

2.   Community Based Opportunities – Volunteer opportunities are available on a local, national, and global scale for student participation and can short or long-term.  Community based opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Supporting local non-profit organizations
  • Supporting local community and neighbourhood resource centres
  • National and Global Relief Efforts
  • Annual local events
  • Tutoring programs
  • Volunteer and service opportunities abroad

Get Involved

Interested in volunteering on your own or with a group? Submit an online application below to share what you’re interested in and where you would like to volunteer and explore Huron’s Student Job Board and check out our Events page by filtering to Category "Volunteer" for upcoming opportunities, click here.

Check out upcoming events by filtering to Category "Career Development", click here.



Contact Megan Dykstra, Coordinator of Volunteer and Service Learning  Drop by her office, Rm W35, or book an appointment. 
519.438.7224 x 852, megan.dykstra@huron.uwo.ca


  • Huron taught me to think from various cultural viewpoints and fostered my ability to think analytically and share my perspectives in persuasive ways.
    Jiaqi Nie
    Chief Investment Officer & Senior Vice President of Reignwood Industries Executive MBA, University of Cambridge
    Read More
  • I can’t wait to meet you all. We are excited to help you to get involved with the things happening on campus that will make you feel as lucky as I do to be a part of Huron’s community.  
    HUCSC President
  • Huron has taught me to appreciate the value of everyone’s voices and the importance of listening to them,” Trevor says. “Because if I truly want to conduct business around the world, I need to understand all the stakeholders and how we can and will influence one another
    Fourth Year, Honours Specialization in Political Science with an Honours Business Administration from Ivey (dual degree)
    Read More
  • I have helped new students adjust to life here by introducing them to different aspects of our culture,” he shares. “I help them access resources on campus, and I always make sure I’m there to answer their questions and alleviate concerns
    Gabriel Ndayishimiye
    4th-year student: Honors Specialization in Globalization Studies
    Read More
  • Ruth’s project examined community and individual responses to Canada’s points-based immigration system, as well as the problem of inoperative foreign credentials. Ruth’s research internship and career-based internship at Good Neighbours demonstrated her commitment to knowledge and community development, which has led her into her Master’s of Arts degree.
    Ruth Lebelo-Almaw
    Good Neighbours
    Read More
  • My colleagues and leadership team ensured I had the opportunities to make meaningful contributions to our work environment, and the company more broadly.
    Kristen Kodric
    Young Alumna
    Read More
  • Inam completed a full-time summer internship at London Economic Development Corporation. Inam is now President of HUCSC, where he is paid to lead student council initiatives and representatives. These internships have provided Inam with diverse work-related experiences where he can showcase a range of hard and soft transferable skills that will add value to his career after graduation. ...
    Inam Teja
    Read More
  • Huron was not an easy set of years for me – I had to work really hard. I only saw results when I put in the time, and Huron taught me the importance of putting in that time.
    Adam Deif, BA'04
    Head of Industry, Google
    Read More

Employers & Almuni

Hire a Student
Be a Mentor
Need a Volunteer

Huron offers a variety of student internship possibilities to pair the right student skills with your business needs.   We provide personalized, one-stop assistance throughout the hiring, onboarding and review processes.

Why hire a Huron student intern?

  • Attract top candidates.  
  • Recruit and train future potential employees.
  • Gain new, leading-edge transferable skills and a contagious willingness to learn.
  • Free up time to devote to other projects.  
  • Share your expertise and develop industry talent.

Contact Us - 519.438.7224 ext. 412, hirehuron@huron.uwo.ca 





Huron’s Mentorship Program connects Huron Alumni with student mentees who are eager to learn more about a specific industry. Huron's Alumni help to support our mission of developing "Leaders with Heart" by sharing valuable insights into their career path, roles, successes, challenges, and industry.

Contact Us:   519.438.7224 ext 852,  Volunteer@Huron.uwo.ca

Huron’s vision is to ensure that every student experiences the value of civic engagement through volunteer activities prior to graduating. If you are looking for volunteers to compliment and support the work you are doing, please contact us!

If a volunteer opportunity is event or project based, please provide 3-4 weeks’ notice of the opportunity to ensure successful recruitment of volunteers. 

Contact Us - Volunteer@Huron.uwo.ca,  519.438.7224 x852

  • Huron is always working to develop opportunities outside of the classroom for the University's incredible Leaders with Heart
    Sarah Noad
    AVP, Community Partnerships
    Read More
  • We want to ensure great employers are connecting with our students so they can explore potential career paths while gaining meaningful work experience
    Britney Hunter
    Coordinator, Career Development
    Read More
  • Volunteerism teaches our students to be more empathetic and engaged citizens who cultivate compassion and positive changes in their communities.
    Megan Dykstra
    Coordinator, Career Development
    Read More
  • Huron's small size classes provided me with more opportunities to get involved in class activities, and to talk to classmates and professors
    Yi Huang
    BA '17, Honors Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies, Accounting
    Read More
  • Huron’s MOS program gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about different industries and potential career options before you commit to a specialization. From course work through to seeking employment, you have close connections to your professors so they support you every step of the way.
    Nic Gil from Mississauga, Ontario
    BA, Accounting, Class of 2018
    Read More
  • Huron was not an easy set of years for me – I had to work really hard. I only saw results when I put in the time, and Huron taught me the importance of putting in that time.
    Adam Deif, BA'04
    Head of Industry, Google
    Read More


Career Advising
Mentorship Program
Workshops & Events
Application Support

Huron’s Career Development team will help you map out the best path for achieving your career goals. Plan early so you can gain as many experiences as you can before you graduate.

  • 1:1 Appointments
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Cover Letter and Resume Development
  • Interview Preparation
  • Navigating Career Resources and Self-Assessment
  • Job Shadow & Networking
  • Employer Connections and Employer Presentations and Events
  • Job Market Opportunities
  • Research Industries and Companies
  • Self-Marketing
  • On-Campus Jobs
  • Graduate school application review

Book a one-on-one appointment to determine your annual goals to ensure that you have a full resume by the time you graduate from Huron! 

Join Huron’s Career Network!  Stay informed about career services and internship opportunities via email? Subscribe here!   Unsubscribe here

Contact:  Sarah Noad, sarah.noad@huron.uwo.ca 519.438.7224  ext 412

Huron’s Mentorship Program encourages career and academic mentorship among our students and alumni.  This program nurtures professional relationships that reflect the needs and objectives of our community and Huron’s mission to develop Leaders with Heart.

The Mentorship Program provides junior students with the opportunity to learn and network with senior students to gain insight into academic and career processes.  Senior students are provided with the opportunity to receive industry specific guidance from Huron Alumni. 

Looking for academic or career guidance?  Fill out an application today to find a Mentor:

Are you an Upper Year Student looking to give back?  Share your academic, work-related and industry specific experiences with a junior student. 

Contact: Volunteer@Huron.uwo.ca, 519.438.7224  ext. 852

Student Mentorship Application

Huron hosts a suite of professional development workshops and events to help students shape their futures!

Check out upcoming events by filtering to Category "Career Development", click here.

Further to Huron’s offerings, Western offers a full compliment of additional workshops, events, training and internship opportunities at Career Central. 

Contact: Britney Hunter, britney.hunter@huron.uwo.ca, 519.438.7224  ext 196

At Huron, we pride ourselves on our personalized, one-on-one approach for application development.  We recognize that a strong cover letter and resume makes all the difference regarding whether you are selected to conduct an interview or not. 

Our Career Development Team has high expectations.  We want to see our students showcase themselves in the best way possible. 

Meet with one our Career Writing Specialists to co-construct quality applications that will help you land an interview! 

Available booking times are: 

  • Tuesday  10:30 - 12:30 (Yimin) 
  • Wednesday  2:30 - 4:30 (Yimin)
  • Thursday  2:30 - 4:30 (Katie) 
  • Friday  10:30 - 12:30 (Katie) 

Please book an appointment in advance by:

  1.  Register/log into our booking system here
  2.  Select "Writing Services Consultations W19"
  3.  Select an available date/time to meet with our Resume Specialists (Katie O., Yimin C.)
  4.  Show up at your appointment in Huron's Writing Services Centre (2nd floor of Huron Library) 

Have any questions? 

Please feel free to contact: Britney Hunter, britney.hunter@huron.uwo.ca, 519.438.7224 ext 196


Key Contacts

Britney Hunter

Coordinator, Career Development
519.438.7224 ext. 196

Drop-in hours:
Monday - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Thursday - 10:00am - 11:30am 

Megan Dykstra

Coordinator, Career Development
519.438.7224 ext 852

Drop-in hours:
Monday - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Thursday - 10:00am - 11:30am 

Sarah Noad

AVP, Community Partnerships
519.438.7224 ext 412

Tasha Harvey

Coordinator, Career Development
519.438.7224 ext. 890

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.                  Monday - Friday

Zach Anderson

Coordinator, Employer Relations
519.438.7224 ext. 889

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.                  Monday - Friday