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Professor, History

Amy Bell, PhD
Professor, History
519.438.7224 ext. 293
Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three. - Confucius

At Huron, I have the privilege to get to know students and to watch them develop as intellectuals and citizens over the course of their degree. I’m inspired by their curiosity, willingness to question established ideas and their capacity for hard work. My history colleagues and I are also able to do international collaborative research with students, to travel with them and to have fun together; I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else! 

Summary of Research:

  • The History of Crime Scene Photography in the UK, esp. Homicides and Criminal Abortions
  • Spiritualism, Seances and Spirit Photography in the 1930s
  • Murder and Capital Punishment in Canada in the 1970s 
  • Star-Crossed Lovers and Suicide Pacts in the 1930s
  • Histories of Emotions
  • Historical Methods, Social and Cultural History

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