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Summer Orientation & Academic Registration for New Students

Summer Orientation & Academic Registration (SOAR) Sessions take place on campus and are designed for you to be able to select your courses for September, tour campus, and acquaint yourself with faculty, staff, and current students. Registration will begin in May for these sessions that occur in June and July.

Students who accept their offer to Huron will be contacted in the spring about the next steps to register for a session and enroll in classes.




To Prepare Before Your Session

We strongly encourage you to come prepared with a drafted schedule based on the materials in the Registration Guide. Students who bring a print-out of their “Draft My Schedule” will be able to progress quickly through the day.

If you have not accepted your offer, please go to Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC)  and select "Undergraduate Applications" in the navigation bar on the left.  Follow the step-by-step instructions on the website. Once you have accepted your offer to Huron on OUAC you can register for a SOAR Session.

Additional Resources - Summer Orientation & Academic Registration

If you are unable to attend a SOAR Session, or just need a reminder about the process, please utilize the resources below along with the Registration Guide. 

Academic Advising - Important Information
Quick Reference Degree Requirements
Quick Reference FASS - First year courses
Quick Reference MOS - First year courses 

Parent Information

Are you a parent who needs information and resources about Huron?

Click here for more details

Student Accessibility Services

I will require accommodations in the fall, who do I contact?

Student Accessibility Services can help organize next steps for any necessary accommodations that you may need whilst at university. Please contact ssd@uwo.ca.

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