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Policies and Procedures at Huron

It is hoped that this Handbook will prove useful. Nevertheless, all employees are advised that the terms and conditions of University policy or government legislation in effect at any particular time are the only rules and regulations that have legal status. Any comments, errors, or omissions that may appear in the handbook do not constitute a basis for assuming a right or prerogative that this is not consistent with the terms of the official document involved. Any new policies and revisions to existing policies should be forwarded electronically to Deborah Lucas, Vice Principal of Finance and Administration, at dlucas4@uwo.ca.

Those responsible for updating/revising policies for their specific areas/departments are requested to use the electronic format used in this Handbook to ensure consistency in format and style. Issue and revision dates need to be included.

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Policies for Faculty
Policies & Procedures for Employees
Benefit Information
Policies for Students

Policies Affecting Staff Members

Academic Pension Plan Membership

Administrative Pension Plan 

AIDS Policy

Alcohol Policy

Audio-Visual Policy and Equipment Reservation

Audio-Visual Technical Guidelines for Classroom Presentations   

Benefits - Continuation of Benefits Coverage While on Leave or Sabbatical

Chapel of St. John the Evangelist

Chapel Weddings 

Computer Lab  

Conflicts of Interest  

Crisis Communications Procedure  

Delegation of Authority to Appoint Faculty and Staff

Dimensions: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Canada

Diversity / Equity in Employment and Education  

Emergency Procedures 

Family Leave Policies  

Flag Policy 

Food Safety Policy  

Freedom of Expression 

Fund-Raising and Alumni Contact for Special Purposes

Gate Request Form

General Services & Related Policies: Cheque Requests, Hourly Payroll, Internet at Home, keys, Mail, Office Supplies, Telephone and Facsimile, Work Orders, Visa Cards

Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy

Hiring, Promotion or Tenure of Relatives to Employees of the College 

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation - Customer Service Policy 

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations
Intent to Retire Policy

Library Services

Mass Email Policy for Students and Faculty / Staff

Media Relations Policy 

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Parking Policy 

Pension Benefits - Minimum Guarantee  


Progressive Discipline for OPSEU and Management and Professional Staff

Public and Paid Holidays

Purchase of Personal Computers

Purchasing Policy 

Room Bookings

Room Rental Policy for Staff and Students 

Safe Disclosure Policy

Sexual Violence Policy 

Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus Policy 

Spousal Hiring Policy 

Staff Employee Service Awards  

Tennis Courts  

Travel and Expense Policy

Tuition for Dependents 

UWO Special I.D. Card  

Visix Policy - Use of Campus Flat Screens

Workplace Violence / Safe Workplace Policy


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Key Contacts

Deborah Lucas, CPA, MBA

VP, Finance and Administration
519.438.7224 ext. 245

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.                  Monday - Friday